Extinction Rebellion protesters are just privileged clowns, all trying to make life much more difficult for ordinary Londoners

Extinction Rebellion protesters are just privileged clowns, all trying to make life much more difficult for ordinary Londoners

HOPE you’re all OK down there in London. It’s been terrifying watching it on the TV.
Invasion of the Middle Class Zombie Tossers. Armed with hipster beards, topknots, vegan shakes, lots of badges and stupid placards. I think I even saw a kaftan or two.
AFP or licensors It’s estimated that the daily demonstrations have cost London traders at least £12million
Hundreds of these privileged clowns, all trying to make life much more difficult for ordinary Londoners going about their work.
This is the Extinction Rebellion protests. People who believe they are the sole repositories of the truth about climate change. The only people who know about global warming.
Well-bred, polite narcissists every single one of them. And dim as a five-watt bulb in an aircraft hangar.
Angry about carbon emissions and climate change, what do they do? Yep, they target public transport — the best means we have for REDUCING emissions.
A bunch of them glued themselves to Docklands Light Railway trains (with a warning to police that they were glued so they mustn’t be pulled too hard. Ha. Sod that. Rip away, Plod. If a few hands get left behind, it’ll serve as a lesson).
The others disrupted London bus services so that half a million people were greatly inconvenienced. Traffic has been gridlocked. People unable to get to work. It’s estimated that the daily demonstrations have cost London traders at least £12million.
And for what? Do these morons not realise that they are making matters worse by targeting public transport? And that they are in danger of losing the argument by penalising ordinary people — who probably feel worried about climate change themselves.
If they glued themselves to a bus in China they’d have the crap beaten out of them by the police before you could say C02.Rod Liddle
That’s the thing, of course. Because they are out there with their Waitrose snack packs they think the rest of us don’t care. But I have no doubts about global warming. I just don’t think the issue is helped terribly much by making life a misery for everybody else.
No country in the world has done more to combat emissions than the UK. Our carbon emissions have reduced by almost half since 1990. And they continue to reduce. They’d reduce even quicker if these eco-warriors stopped carping about nuclear power. A few more nuclear power stations and our emissions would reduce hugely.
Here’s a message to them. How about you go and have a word with the Chinese? They’re becoming the principal offenders. Or maybe the Indians.
And when you’ve done that, how about engaging with some of the really tough issues about climate change? Such as reducing the enormous population growth in Africa and other parts of the Third World.
The more people, the bigger the problem. And the greater the rate of extinction for the other creatures that share our planet. I don’t mean Liberal Democrats, I meant animals and stuff.
But they won’t get involved in that stuff. It’s too politically incorrect. And if they glued themselves to a bus in China they’d have the crap beaten out of them by the police before you could say C02.
It’s altogether much more agreeable to have a pleasant march in London and hopefully get arrested by coppers who behave like off-duty social workers.
Extinction Rebellion. They’re worried they’ll become extinct. If only they would.
Doner ruin it
A NEW kebab shop has opened in London. It’s called Kebab Queen. A single kebab will cost you £60. And you don’t even get a plate to eat it off. Just a counter top.
Guests are expected to eat their dishes off a table
Are Londoners really that stupid? The bloke who has opened the restaurant says he wants to take kebabs, “as far as they can go”.
Listen mate, kebabs traditionally go as far as the bin by the doorway of Somerfield, just round the corner from the kebab house.
And a kebab isn’t a proper kebab unless you’ve had a bit of an argy-bargy in the queue with some pillock of a Crystal Palace supporter. While your girlfriend’s chucking up outside.
That’s a proper kebab, OK?Fairytale world
A SURVEY suggests young people think jobs should be given to people on account of their skin colour and gender preferences, rather than how good they are at the job.
Competence doesn’t matter, they reckon. The only thing that does is diversity.
They think this because they are truly stupid. And because they inhabit a fairytale world where if they believe in something strongly enough, it will come true.
Get rid of that licence feeTHE BBC Proms this year will feature rap, hip-hop, DJs and breakdancing, according to the corporation.
This is to: “Bring the concert into 2019”.
Yay, brilliant. Don’t they realise we don’t want the concert bringing into 2019? We want it to stay exactly where it is, in about 1952.
It’s about the only thing we have left of the Britain we used to know. And does the BBC really think that “hip-hop” is modern? Or a reflection of Britain?
Let’s get rid of that licence fee, pronto.

Kinky kinski
APPARENTLY directors aren’t putting sex scenes in movies any more. There’s been a huge reduction of late. It’s reckoned this is because of the #MeToo stuff.
Getty – Contributor Kinski turning into a cat every time she had a shag kept me mesmerised for ages
But I think it’s because there are no actresses around as stunning as the likes of Nastassja Kinski, who I had a crush on for years.
Didn’t usually take Nastassja long to get her kit off in a film. Usually before the title credits had finished.
There was one where she turned into a cat every time she had a shag. That kept me mesmerised for ages, I’m telling you.
SCIENTISTS now reckon that wormholes do not provide a quick route across the universe, like in the sci-fi movies.
Nor do they transport you to another dimension. Shove your spaceship inside a wormhole and it’ll probably take longer to get where you’re going.
Came as no surprise to me. I’ve always though wormholes were totally crap. A bit like those taxi drivers who take you on an alternative route.
“Gunna cut through the back streets a bit ’cos Kingsway’s bleedin’ chokka mate, ’ave you there in no time, trust me.”
Two hours later you’re stuck behind a delivery van in Covent Garden.

Lammy is mad and bad
WHAT has happened to Labour MP David Lammy? Scarcely a week goes by without him saying something truly deranged.
Saying Conservative politicians who support Brexit are WORSE than the Nazis is such a grotesque statement to make
It’s as if someone had taken a plastic straw, poked it in his ear and sucked out all of the brain matter inside. His latest outburst was bizarre beyond all reason.
He said that Conservative politicians who support Brexit are WORSE than the Nazis. That is such a grotesque statement, demeaning to the millions who died in the Holocaust.Yet he’s not quite alone. I was asked to sign some petition on social media recently which described the Remainer MPs as “fascist traitors”.
Moronic hyperbole on both sides, then. When are these people going to get a sense of perspective?
What caused the fire?THE fire at Notre Dame Cathedral was horrible to watch and a tragedy for France.
That’s the medieval Christian heritage of the country going up in smoke – and we should all be pleased that the damage wasn’t even worse.
But the French auth- orities don’t seem terribly curious about what caused the blaze.
Within about ten minutes they had told everyone it was probably caused by a cigarette.
How did they know? And that it wasn’t arson. And I wonder if we will even find out?

MPs can go to hol
ALL been pretty quiet on the Brexit front for a while, hasn’t it? No dramatic debates in the House of Commons. No statements from Theresa May on the doorstep of No10 looking knackered. No rows on the news programmes.
CommentTHE SUN SAYS Time for cops to clear the middle-class morons bringing disruption to Britain CommentLEO MCKINSTRY How many more kids need to die before we deal with Britain’s dangerous dogs? CommentQUENTIN LETTS Let the ghastly Notre Dame fire relight pride in Christian values CommentCOLONEL RICHARD KEMP Boredom and low morale is the biggest enemy our troops face CommentBRENDAN O’NEILL Labour’s hateful David Lammy loves to hate anyone who simply backs Brexit
That’s because they’re all away, on their holidays. May is walking up mountains in Wales, for example. Some European politicians are angry that our MPs could swan off on their hols at such a time. Not me.
They can stay on holiday permanently, for all the good they are.
All we need is someone – maybe a cleaner or a security guard – to sneak into Westminster and tap a short note to the EU, saying: “We’ve left. No deal. You’re getting no money. Have a nice day.”
Extinction Rebellion protesters are tied with rope to be removed from top of DLR at Canary Wharf


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