Experts slam ‘myth’ that being ‘too clean’ in the home is bad for your health – The Sun

Experts slam ‘myth’ that being ‘too clean’ in the home is bad for your health – The Sun

HEALTH officials are calling for an end to the myth that being too clean in the home is bad for you.
They said adults and kids should continue to get outside to build a healthy immunity.
1 Health experts say that simple measures such as wiping down food surfaces cut down the risk of spreading serious infectionsCredit: Getty – Contributor
But experts said this should not get in the way of good hygiene in the home. Better cleaning of kitchen surfaces, dish cloths plus hygienic food preparation were all highlighted in the Royal Society for Public Health report.
Washing towels and bedding at 60C were also recommended to cut down on serious infections such as listeria, e.coli and norovirus.
The report aims to tackle the idea that being too clean is bad for your health.
The “hygiene hypothesis” of the late 1980s said rising rates of allergies had an underlying cause of “overcleanliness” — and called for kids to be exposed to harmful microbes.
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Officials said this has been scientifically debunked.
They now insist what people need is diverse exposure to harmless microbes, such as through playing outside.
Prof Lisa Ackerley, of the RSPH, said: “Getting outdoors is great for building a healthy microbiome. But it’s crucial the public don’t get the wrong end of the stick — it doesn’t need to get in the way of good hygiene.”
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