Executed rebels still in shackles and child sacrifices with their hearts RIPPED out – the most gruesome burial sites in the world

Executed rebels still in shackles and child sacrifices with their hearts RIPPED out – the most gruesome burial sites in the world

SKULLS and bones are a given in the every day life of an archaeologists but sometimes burials are stumbled upon that are so shocking, they take everyone by surprise.
The following are some of the most gruesome ancient burial and sacrifice sites that have ever been discovered.
Shackled skeletons
Reuters 80 handcuffed skeletons were found together
A mass grave in an ancient Greek cemetery was found to contain 80 skeletons all with their wrists clamped in iron shackles.
Archaeologists think they were victims of a mass execution but why this happened remains a mystery.
All the remains suggest that the people would have been quite young and in good health when they were killed.
Reuters The skeletons were found in an ancient cemetery
Reuters They were lined up in rows or twisted together
As the cemetery dates from between the 8th and 5th century BC, one strong theory suggests that the victims were supporters of a man called Cylon who tried to overthrow the Athenian government and failed.
When the coup failed, Cylon managed to escape but everyone who had supported him was murdered.Mass child sacrifice 
GABRIEL PRIETO The remains of a child and baby llama at the site of an ancient mass grave in Peru
The remains of nearly 270 children sacrificed to the gods 500 years ago were recently found in a gruesome ancient mass grave in Peru.
The victims were all aged between five and 14 and were slaughtered at the same time.
This incident is regarded as the largest child sacrifice event in the world and was carried out by the country’s Chimú tribe.
Reuters Several ancient cultures including the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas practised human sacrifices
The child victims have dislocated rib cages, suggesting whoever carried out the bloody sacrifices tried to tear out their hearts.
It is thought that they were sacrificed to try and prevent further flooding and lots of llamas were killed at the same time.
Family massacre
Michał Podsiadło This is an artist interpretation of what the people in the mass grave would have looked like when they first died
Archaeologists recently discovered that a 5,000 year old mass grave site was the result of a tragic family massacre.
The burial site in Poland contains the bodies of men, women and children who all had their skulls smashed to pieces.
Fresh DNA analysis of the remains has revealed that all of the skeletons in the grave were related and mothers have been carefully buried cradling their children.
PNAS/Schroeder et. al Mothers and children have been buried next to each other in the mass grave

The grave does not have any fathers in it and only contains a small number of male bodies, suggesting that the family was murdered whilst the fathers were away.

The fathers may have been the ones to bury their loved ones when they returned as whoever created the grave clearly made sure that the bodies were buried next to their closest family members.
Bog bodies
The Tollund Man is probably the most well-preserved body from pre-historic times in the world
In 1950, experts found a bog body with a “face so fresh they could only suppose they had stumbled on a recent murder.”
The corpse, referred to as the Tollund man, is probably the most well-preserved body from pre-historic times in the whole world.
A plaited leather noose wrapped tightly around his neck was found with the body, and this is probably what killed him over 2,300 years ago.
Tollundman.dk A plaited leather noose was found wrapped tightly around his neck
He was found in the same bog as another body called the Ellin Woman in Denmark.
It is likely he was sacrificed as an offering to the gods.
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In other news, an ancient skull has revealed that the Mayans used people’s severed heads as incense burners after brutal sacrifices.
Traces of cocaine and the psychedelic compound DMT have been found by scientists in an ancient witch doctor’s pouch.
And, a huge collection of giant ancient jars where people dumped corpses a thousand years ago has been found in Southeast Asia.
Which of the burials do you think is the most disturbing? Let us know in the comments…

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