EU hypocrites are demanding our ‘sincerest cooperation’ in not sabotaging businesses after years of humiliation

EU hypocrites are demanding our 'sincerest cooperation' in not sabotaging businesses after years of humiliation

AFTER three years of bullying and humiliating Britain, the EU now demands our “sincere co-operation” in not sabotaging its business. Our minds boggle at the nerve and hypocrisy.
Since 2016 they have done everything in their power to interfere with our democracy, hoping to strong-arm us into staying in by overturning our ­historic referendum via a second one.
AFP or licensors Theresa May has been humiliated by hypocritical EU chiefs who want our ‘sincerest cooperation’ after three years of bullying us
Now that WE want to delay Brexit a few months, they say we can if our MEPs play nice. Why should they?
EU arrogance and aggression has ­converted even some Remainers into furious Eurosceptics.
If a new legion of staunchly anti-Brussels MEPs is elected in May, it can hardly be surprised.
And, as long as we are still in the EU, those politicians must be able to throw a spanner in the works if they choose.
That’s democracy — even if Eurocrats do find it repugnant and terrifying.
A new referendum would unleash the same problem, for years.
Even if Remain won some rigged ballot, millions would never forgive how we were treated, or how Remainers colluded with Brussels.
Voters may take a fanatical new interest in European elections and return MEPs who make Nigel Farage look like Jean-Claude Juncker.
The EU may yet rue the day it decided its best response to Brexit was a punishment beating to make us rethink.
And President Macron, France’s grandstanding and aloof little Napoleon, would regret pushing us around…
When he is as reviled across Europe as he is in his own country.
Parliament approves Brexit law forcing Theresa May to delay Brexit
Labour bottlers
NO ONE but the most slavish Corbynista now doubts that Labour is institutionally racist against Jews. Its own MPs know it.
Anti-Semitism is a cancer afflicting our second biggest party from the top down. That’s why Jewish Labour activists condemned Corbyn as they did.
Getty Labour’s own MPs know that anti-Semitism is a problem afflicting the party from the top down
Which makes it all the more sickening that so-called “moderate” MPs do so ­little about it except gripe on Twitter.
What further excuse do they have for staying in this putrid and irredeemable organisation, especially now Chuka Umunna has provided an escape route?
They can moan. They can impotently demand action. But if the Government falls, they’ll be on our doorsteps urging us to make a Prime Minister out of the anti-Semite-in-chief.
How do they live with it?
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Town hauls
YOUR rising council tax increasingly just lines the pockets of town hall fatcats.
Some 2,454 earn over £100,000, a four-year high. Of those, 608 are on £150,000-plus and 28 on a staggering £250,000.
Getty Rising council tax is lining the pockets of town hall fatcats
Remember that, the next time they tell you they cannot avoid hiking your payments without cutting vital services.
Labour is ‘perilously close’ to more splitters leaving party over anti-Semitism and racist thugs, warns Tom Watson


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