Elon Musk shares pic of 60 ‘WiFi satellites’ strapped to a rocket – as SpaceX prepares to beam internet down from space

Elon Musk shares pic of 60 'WiFi satellites' strapped to a rocket – as SpaceX prepares to beam internet down from space

ELON Musk has tweeted a photo of some of the Space X satellites that he hopes will provide ultra high-speed internet for the whole world.
The 60 satellites, which can be seen loaded into a Falcon rocket, will help to make up Musk’s global Starlink satellite network.
The satellites will be sent into Space this Wednesday although Musk is expecting things to go wrong
If everything goes to plan for Musk then internet users across the world could have 40 times faster internet speeds no matter where they live.
How much this service will cost has not yet been revealed but Musk intends to keep prices low.
SpaceX is planning to launch the rocket containing the satellite on Wednesday and Musk has promised that more information will be provided then.
Musk tweeted: “Much will likely go wrong on 1st mission.”
Elon Musk/Twitter Musk tweeted this picture of the satellites ready to go to Space
Kyle Grillot Musk is competing with the likes of Amazon which is also making internet satellites
The billionaire first announced his Starlink satellite idea in 2015.
He hopes to send almost 12,000 satellites into Space as part of the venture.
If all goes to plan with Wednesday’s launch then Musk says that six more loads of satellites will need to be sent into Space for minor internet coverage to be created and 12 more for moderate coverage.
One Twitter user noted that six additional launches of 60 satellites comes to a total of 420 satellites.
The SpaceX CEO was famously fined $20million (£15million) by the SEC for falsely claiming that he might take Tesla public at $420 a share.
Musk joked at the time about 420 being his lucky number as it refers to the act of smoking cannabis.
According to Space X, internet coverage from Starlink will be available by 2020.
Falcon Heavy rocket pieced together in amazing SpaceX timelapse
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Last month Amazon revealed that it is planning to launch 3,236 satellites so they can provide fast internet to “un-served and un-derserved communities around the world.”
Satellites aren’t Musk’s only current focus though as he recently revealed that his creepy Neuralink project that will make you a genius by wiring your brain to a computer chip is ‘coming soon’.
And, if you’re wondering who will be first to make it back to the moon, here’s what you need to know about the Nasa, SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic Space race.
Do you want to sign up for internet from the Starlink satellites? Let us know in the comments…

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