Electric ‘flying taxi’ could carry five passengers at 190mph by 2025 – for £55 a trip across London

Electric 'flying taxi' could carry five passengers at 190mph by 2025 – for £55 a trip across London

A ‘FLYING TAXI’ has been unveiled by a German start-up company that thinks its invention could become an on demand taxi service of the sky within the next six years.
The electric jet-powered aircraft has five seats and could ferry people across cities for as little as £55 each.
Lilium This five seat electric plane could be the taxi of the future
German company Lilium has said that the brief remote control test of its aircraft earlier this month was a “huge step”.
The firm started in 2015 and has received £81million of investment so far.
It hopes to offer ‘Uber-style’ taxis that customers will order through an app by 2025.
The plane has room for one pilot and four passengers who Lilium thinks would be charged around £55 each to travel across cities.
Although the aircraft is mostly intended for inside city use, it could also ferry people to and from other cities
Lilium The aircraft is being designed to fly people around cities
Lilium The company has been working on it since 2015
If it cost £55 to get from JFK airport to Manhattan then that would put the pricing per mile at around £3.90.
This may seem a bit steep but Lilium is claiming that it is more safe and affordable than other planes due to its simple design.
The aircraft has 36 electric jet engines enabling it to take off vertically and when it’s in the air it only need a similar amount of energy as an electric car to cruise along.
Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and chief executive, said: “We are taking another huge step towards making urban air mobility a reality.
“The Lilium Jet itself is beautiful and we were thrilled to see it take to the skies for the first time.”
Lilium The Lililum Jet app would look something like this
Lililum is now seeking certification for its invention by conducting lots of safety tests.
Wiegand said that the company is trying to meet societies demands for quieter and more environmentally friendly air travel.
The Lilium Jet is said to make 20% of the noise of a helicopter and would work more like a public transport system than literally landing in everyone’s front gardens.
Morgan Stanley has estimated that the flying taxi market could be worth $1.5trillion(£1.1trillion) by 2040.
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In other news, Uber has decided to help out anyone who hates small talk by providing a new “Quiet Mode” feature for its app.
Last year, Uber was valued to be worth $120billion by experts.
More recently, the company has been working hard to improve its safety and even created tech that could detect car crashes.
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