Easter 2019: The best vegan Easter eggs

Easter 2019: The best vegan Easter eggs

(Picture: Getty)Easter is just days away but if you still haven’t picked up an Easter egg, there’s still time.
If you have a vegan in your family or if you are vegan yourself, the good news is that will the rise of veganism, there are plenty of options.
Gone are the days when some plain old dark chocolate was all that was available.
Now there’s something for every budget and taste.
We’ve picked out our favourite vegan Easter treats – but some of them look so good, they would make great gifts for anyone.

Chococo Madagascar vegan milc chocolate Easter egg (Picture: Chococo)Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on milk chocolate. This one is made from cashews to give you that creamy taste.
It’s 40% Madagascan Single Origin Chocolate and completely dairy and soya free.
It comes with a recycable box, which is made from 70% recycled plastic.

Tesco Finest free from salted caramel egg (Picture: Tesco)This supermarket egg looks pretty fancy but costs just £5. The description says it has a caramel flavour and is made from cocoa, rice syrup and rice flour with sea salt and crisp rice pieces.
It comes with raspberry flavour fondant filled milk free chocolate flavour truffles.

Sainsbury’s deliciously free from strawberry and white chocolate egg (Picture: Sainsbury’s)If you want a whole different flavour this egg is made with a white chocolate alternative and free dried real strawberry pieces.
It’s completely gluten, wheat and milk free.

Asda Extra Special free from dairy free Belgian dark chocolate Easter egg with vanilla flavoured truffles (picture: Asda)For £5 you get a whole dark chocolate egg and some fancy vanilla truffles. This one is quite traditional so perfect for vegans who just want a simple egg.

Holland & Barrett milk chocolate style egg with bunny bar (Picture: Holland & Barrett)This is just a a plain chocolate egg made from creamy dairy free chocolate. It comes with a bunny shaped chocolate bar so great for kids.

So Free white chocolate alternative egg (Picture: So Free)If you miss white chocolate, the good news is that there is a completely vegan version. It’s been used to create this hollow egg and bunny bar.
This one doesn’t contain milk, nuts or gluten so great for people with allergies too.

Hotel Chocolat hard-boiled Easter egg 100% dark chocolate (Picture: Hotel Chocolat)This Easter egg is delicious and incredibly pretty. Apparently it was actually inspired by a trip to the Tate Modern. It’s made from 100% dark chocolate, studded with raisins and almonds.

Montezuma’s absolute black vegan Easter egg (Montezuma’s)Made with dark chocolate chocolate, this is a cute hollow egg filled with chocolate buttons.

Lindt dark chocolate bunny (Picture: Lindt)Although not strictly an egg, we all love a Lindt chocolate bunny at Easter. Now they sell a dark chocolate version alongside the traditional milk one so that vegans (or just anyone who prefers dark chocolate) don’t miss out.
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