Drunk couple arrested for ‘having sex in hot tub at family water park’

Drunk couple arrested for 'having sex in hot tub at family water park'

A drunk couple were caught having sex in a hot tub at an indoor water park with children nearby, police said.
Kamden Mack, 25, and Taylor Coats, 22, were reportedly seen getting intimate in the public hot tub at Kalahari Resort in Huron Township, Ohio on Tuesday.
When a lifeguard confronted the couple, Mack became irate and nearly struck the water park employee while denying accusations that they were having sex.

Camden Mack, 25, was arrested for allegedly having sex in the hot tub at the water park where children were playing (Picture : Erie County Jail)

Taylor Coats, 22, was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest (Picture: Erie County Jail)Police were called to the resort and they noted that Mack smelled like alcohol, according to the Detroit Free Press.
‘At first, Mr. Mack was cooperative. He said he didn’t know why the deputies were there, or why they were being asked to leave. He claimed he spent thousands of dollars to be at Kalahari. He became upset and started cussing and yelling, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.
Anne Frank’s stepsister meets and condemns teenagers who played ‘Nazi’ beer pongThe couple eventually told police that they would leave, but when they were allowed to return to the hot tub to retrieve their belongings, they ran from the deputies.
Officers chased down the two lovebirds and arrested them, causing Mack to have a meltdown, it is claimed.
‘The deputies placed Mr. Mack under arrest, and he began screaming and demanding to know why he was being arrested. He refused to walk and had to be escorted by the deputies to the patrol car,’ Sigsworth said.

Mack and Coats were allegedly spotted having sex by a life guard at the water park (Picture: Google Maps)‘He placed his foot against the car door and tried to push off the side of the car. He was advised if he didn’t stop resisting, he’d be tased.’
Even in the police car, Mack continued to be a nuisance, Sigsworth said.
Drink driver tried to get off charge by claiming his stomach brews its own booze‘The safety lock on the door was not engaged, and he was able to get out and start running with his hands cuffed. He ran into a nearby parking lot and fell down. A deputy grabbed him and held him on the ground until a second deputy arrived. Mr. Mack was taken back to the cruiser and taken to jail.’
‘After we got him to the jail, he had to be placed in a restraining chair because of his belligerent behavior.’
Both Mack and Coats were charged with persistent disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. They were released from jail Wednesday after posting bond.


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