Drinking a bottle of wine ‘has same cancer risk as smoking 10 cigarettes’

Drinking a bottle of wine 'has same cancer risk as smoking 10 cigarettes'

DRINKING a bottle of wine has the same cancer risk as smoking ten cigarettes, a study claims.
And women are at double the risk of developing cancer.
Alamy Drinking a bottle of wine a week increases your chance of developing cancer, a study has found
Boozing is known to increase the chances of seven types of tumour.
Researchers estimated the lifetime cancer risk of moderate drinking, compared to smoking.
They calculated the raised cancer risk from a bottle of wine a week is equivalent to lighting up five cigarettes in men.
For women tumour risks, particularly breast cancer, were raised by the same as smoking ten fags.
Southampton University’s Dr Theresa Hydes said: “Heavy drinking is linked to cancer of the mouth, throat, voice box, gullet, bowel, liver and breast.
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Yet, in contrast to smoking, this is not widely understood.” The study, in the journal BMC Public Health, says moderate boozing is still less harmful than tobacco.
Prof Sir Ian Gilmore, of the Alcohol Health Alliance, warned: “Even at relatively low levels, alcohol can have serious health consequences.”
But Oxford University’s Jane Green said: “Lifetime risk is around one per cent higher for men and women who drink a bottle a week.”
Alamy Tobacco is still considered more dangerous than moderate drinking
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