Don’t sell us out to Corbyn with a soft Brexit compromise, Mrs May

Don’t sell us out to Corbyn with a soft Brexit compromise, Mrs May

LIKE a punch-drunk boxer, the Tory Party is reeling from the local election disaster and walking into the potential knockout blow of a deal with Labour.
Theresa May is days away from unveiling a soft Brexit compromise, cobbled together in desperation with an equally battered Jeremy Corbyn, which risks infuriating voters even more.
Theresa May risks infuriating voters even more by compromising with Jeremy Corbyn
It doesn’t matter what they call it, this will be a customs union in all but name.
Such an arrangement will block Britain from striking its own lucrative trade deals after quitting the EU, leaving us shackled to Brussels for years.
If this climbdown is not enough, weak-willed Mrs May also appears to have bowed to Labour’s wish to keep us tied to EU rules on workers’ rights.
The PM seems willing to cave in to all the Labour leader’s demands, just as she did with Brussels Eurocrats.
Theresa May seems willing to cave in to all of Corbyn’s demands
Even if this diluted deal does gain Parliamentary and EU backing, there is barely enough time to prevent the £100million European elections on May 23.
So millions of fed-up and furious voters will deliver an even more devastating verdict at the ballot box.
After Thursday’s vote it’s clear people don’t want the wool pulled over their eyes on Brexit. They want a clean break.
Ignoring them will be politically fatal.
Taxed for going on hols
A FOREIGN holiday is a well-deserved break for many hard-working families.
So it beggars belief that Labour is considering slapping a new tax on Brits who diligently save up their cash so they can fly abroad more than once a year.
Alamy Brits flying back from holiday could be taxed under Labour plans
Under a frequent flyer levy, anyone will be penalised when they land back in Britain for the second time. The amount would rise for subsequent journeys.
Labour eco-zealots said the plans were aimed at the rich.
But millions of ordinary families will find the cost of their holidays rising yet again.
Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxist rabble plan to use every aspect of our lives to fleece us.

You’re Gavin us on, PM
THE police have announced that Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson didn’t commit a crime by allegedly leaking information about the Chinese tech giant Huawei.
AFP or licensors Police have said former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson didn’t commit a crime
In fact, they said, he didn’t break Britain’s Official Secrets Act, didn’t commit an act of misconduct in public office and it wasn’t a police matter at all.
Anyone might think he was fired on Wednesday to divert attention from Mrs May’s Brexit deal with Labour on the eve of the local elections.
Theresa May defends sacking of Gavin Williamson over Huawei leak


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