Donald Tusk’s calls a second referendum an achievable ‘dream’ — but for Britain it’d be a nightmare

Donald Tusk’s calls a second referendum an achievable 'dream' — but for Britain it'd be a nightmare

CHIEF Eurocrat Donald Tusk calls a second referendum an achievable “dream”. For Britain it would be a nightmare.
He has a habit of letting the Brussels cat out of the bag. By suggesting every delay to Brexit makes a second referendum more likely, he’s done it again.
AP:Associated Press Chief Eurocrat Donald Tusk has described a second referendum an achievable ‘dream’
It’s something for MPs to reflect on before they return to Parliament.
Do hard Brexit Tories really want to continue their 21st century version of the Charge of the Light Brigade, rushing into a vote that would be the final  triumph of the Remain establishment?
And do those Remainer MPs who put leaflets through doors in 2017 promising to respect the vote really want to face the wrath of voters in a future General Election, after they’ve disregarded the biggest democratic mandate the  country has ever seen?
Donald Tusk in reverse Brexit plea: ‘You cannot betray the 6m people who signed the petition to revoke Article 50’
A second referendum would destroy the public’s faith in democracy. The early stirrings of that will no doubt be seen in the European elections, when the two major parties will surely receive an almighty kicking.
The lesson is clear. Pass a deal — only one of which realistically exists — do it quickly and deliver on 17.4 million votes.
The consequences of failing to do so don’t bear thinking about.
Tragic warning
Getty – Contributor The UK Government has been urged to use the Paris tragedy as an urgent wake-up call
THE devastation of beautiful Notre Dame must be a wake-up call in Westminster.
For years, staff working in the Houses of Parliament have warned that the building is on the brink of disaster. It already requires 24-hour fire patrols and is packed full of patchwork wiring that could go up at any moment.
The news that grandees are planning to delay a much-needed restoration for years, then, is deeply concerning.
Not especially because of Parliament’s current inhabitants — indeed we cannot think of a more sorry bunch of MPs and Peers to have ever sat on its benches, making a dog’s breakfast of Brexit and then swanning off on holiday.
Reuters A senior MP has warned the Palace of Westminster will suffer a Notre Dame-style fire disaster if a fresh two year delay to urgent renovations goes ahead
Nor are we pretending that in an ideal world we wouldn’t rather spend the refurbishment money  on more worthwhile priorities.
But the idea of  Parliament burning long into the night is one we don’t want to contemplate.
This decision can’t be kicked into the long grass any longer.
TIG mistake
It’s a no-go for the logo as the Independent Group face more identity issues after their name preferred name was knocked back
IT’S another momentous day for those political whizzes in The Independent Group.
Fresh from having their preferred name knocked back, they’ve now been told their logo isn’t allowed either.
Perhaps, rather than being an  anti-Brexit party, they might consider something better suited to their organisational skills.
A boozy night at a brewery, perhaps?


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