Donald Trump reveals he snubbed Jeremy Corbyn’s plea to meet branding him a ‘negative force’

Donald Trump reveals he snubbed Jeremy Corbyn's plea to meet branding him a 'negative force'

DONALD Trump has revealed he SNUBBED a meeting with “negative” Jeremy Corbyn while he’s in Britain for his historic state visit.
The US President said today that he decided not to meet with the Labour boss – even as he offered to hold talks with Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson.
15 Donald Trump revealed he turned down a meeting with Jeremy CorbynCredit: AFP or licensors
At a joint press conference with Theresa May this afternoon, the US President embarrassed the leftie boss in front of the world’s media.
He said he didn’t like people who “criticise”, despite his regular Twitter rants hitting out at his political opponents.
The US President said of Mr Corbyn: “He wanted to meet, today or tomorrow, I decided I would not do that.
“I think he is, from where I come from, somewhat a negative force.
“People should look do things correctly as opposed to criticise.
“I really don’t like critics as much as I like and respect people that get things done.”
Mr Corbyn declined an invite to the state banquet with President Trump last night, and earlier today spoke at a rally of lefties who gathered to oppose the trip.
In a lengthy rant he slammed the President for allowing hate to spread and for failing to tackle climate change.
A Labour spokesperson confirmed this afternoon that he had requested a meeting with the President.
It came hours after sources close to Boris Johnson revealed that the Tory leadership hopeful had spoken to the US President on the phone – and turned down a meeting to focus on his campaign.
15 Donald Trump hit out at Jeremy Corbyn todayCredit: Dan Charity – The Sun
15 Mrs May and President Trump held a joint press conference this afternoon
15 Donald Trump’s motorcade, circled, driving past the baby blimp in Parliament Square todayCredit: London News Pictures
15 Crowds gathering in Trafalgar SquareCredit: AP:Associated Press
And the US President said the Mayor of London should just do his job and stop lashing out at him too.
He blasted: “He’s done a poor job, crime is up, a lot of problems. He’s a negative force, not a positive force.”
Yesterday the President called him a “stone cold loser” before he’d even landed in the UK.
Organisers had hoped for as many as 250,000 people would attend the demo – but pictures only showed a few thousands bothered to turn up.
Some lefties estimated just 75,000 showed up, only a fraction of who turned up last time.
Today Mr Corbyn accused the President of having “no answers” to the world’s problems in a furious rant.
Critics slammed the leftie boss for using the platform and occasion for his own benefit.
And he also risked charges of hypocrisy by hitting out at anti-Semitism even though he’s regularly accused of allowing anti-Jewish hatred to fester within Labour.
Mr Corbyn blasted: “In welcoming visitors from the US, I hope there can be a conversation.
“I am not, absolutely am not refusing to meet anybody, I want to be able to have that dialogue to bring about the better and more peaceful world that we all want to live in.
“But I am very disappointed, particularly today, on the wonderful festival of Eid, that our Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been attacked in the way he has.
“I’m proud our city has a Muslim Mayor – that we can chase down Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, any kind of racism in our society.
“Because racism divides, exploitation of minorities divides, brings about hatred, dislike, disdain and a horrible place for individuals to live in.
“When you’ve created that sense of hatred, destroyed people’s self-esteem by that form of racism, you haven’t built a house, a school, trained a nurse, defended our national world, just created a greater sense of hate and hatred that goes with it.”
For two hours this morning the protest was presided over by the Trump baby blimp – branded “childish” by critics such as TV’s Piers Morgan.
This morning heated arguments broke out in Parliament Square between supporters of the President and leftie activists protesting against.
A small group of men and women, several wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, shouted “we love Trump” as they were confronted by another group carrying EU flags.
Mr Corbyn said today’s protest was “an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he’s attacked in America, around the world and in our own country”.
15 A protester against Mr Trump’s state visitCredit: AFP
15 This talking robot of Trump sitting on a golden toilet tweeting has been placed in Trafalgar Square todayCredit: Reuters
15 The Trump baby blimp being inflated in Parliament Square ahead of a mass demonstration in London this afternoonCredit: AFP
15 The blimp flying over Parliament SquareCredit: AP:Associated Press
Today, road closures have been put in place as part of a massive security operation preventing demonstrators from protesting directly outside Downing Street.
The main protest, titled Together Against Trump, described today’s activism as a “carnival of resistance” beginning at 11am in Trafalgar Square to declare a “Trump-free zone”.
A 16ft talking robot version of Trump tweeting while sitting on a toilet was unveiled in Trafalgar Square this morning.
Last night the protests erupted into violence after pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators fought over a cap.
Two young men wrestled over the MAGA hat as other demonstrators squared up outside the palace gates.
As the two gripped the head wear in front of a bank of TV cameras and photojournalists, the Trump supporter said: “You just hit me.”
His backpack-wearing assailant said: “I didn’t. What are you talking about?”
The pro-Trump demonstrator said: “It’s my hat. You just destroyed my property.”
The assailant then taunted him, saying: “Are you going to make America great again now?”
But the Trump fan hit back, saying: “I think America has done a great job with Donald Trump actually.”
Despite the gathering protests, Trump tweeted yesterday to say his trip to the UK was going “really well” and he hadn’t seen any demonstrations against him.
15 Donald Trump and Theresa May chairing a meeting of business leaders at St James’s Palace this morningCredit: Reuters
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Today, Trump went to breakfast meeting with Theresa May at St James’s Palace before travelling to 10 Downing Street for private talks.
He will then hold a press conference before hosting a dinner this evening at Winfield House, the residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America.
Last night, Trump praised the Queen as a “great, great woman” during a lavish banquet at Buckingham Palace.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan insists he was right to allow Donald Trump blimp stunt to take place during US President’s state visit

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