Dog the Bounty Hunter’s fury over sale of fake t-shirts using pictures of his late wife Beth Chapman – The Sun

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s fury over sale of fake t-shirts using pictures of his late wife Beth Chapman – The Sun

DOG the Bounty Hunter has slammed online retailers for selling unauthorised t-shirts using pictures of his dead wife Beth Chapman.
Beth, 51, passed away this week in Honolulu after an 18-month fight with lung and throat cancer.
9 Dozens of different t-shirts using pictures of Beth Chapman have appeared on online retailers
9 Dog the Bounty Hunter has slammed online retailers for selling unauthorised t-shirts emblazoned with pictures of his dead wife
9 Online sellers have already tried to capitalise on her death by making shirts with Beth’s face on
But online sellers have already tried to capitalise on her death by making shirts emblazoned with an edited picture of Beth with a halo and angel wings.
Her grieving husband, whose real name is Duane Chapman, tweeted: “Any t-shirts with Beth’s likeness not from thebountystore is not authorized.
“Please do not buy these t-shirts, please report these ads and tag Bonnie if you see them.”
Their daughter Bonnie tweeted: “Please tag me in any of these ads and merchandise. We did not authorize any of this, Mom would be p***ed.”
9 Beth, pictured with Dog, died yesterday after a cancer battleCredit: Rex Features
Chapman added in another tweet: “Please report ALL of these shirts for Beth’s memorial. They are not from us. Only authorized merch is on.”
Fans also took to social media to slam the online sales, calling those responsible “vultures”.
It came as Beth’s friends and family gathered to remember her in a memorial at Fort DeRussy Beach in Waikiki, Hawaii.
Duane is understood to have given a heartfelt speech thanking those who came out to pay their respects and sharing why Hawaii was so special to her.
He revealed the devastating news Beth had died on Twitter on Wednesday, with his new show revealing tender moments between him and his wife in her final days.
He said: “When she had an attack I didn’t know anything to do but to say ‘in Jesus’ name’ and hold her and when I said ‘in Jesus’ name’ she said, ‘Say it again, say it more’.
“And then she, you know, she told the girls and everybody with her mouth and stuff she said I love you guys, are you guys all okay? But she never accepted it.”
Despite the family going through a traumatic time, they have been targeted by cruel trolls.
9 Bonnie Chapman has been forced to speak out against trolls
Bonnie has been forced to speak out to defend Beth after trolls sent a barrage of abuse on social media.
And she has even revealed how a troll is trying to impersonate her on Instagram.
“Great, now someone’s pretending to be me on Instagram,” Bonnie shared on her story.
“I should’ve to be dealing with this right now.”
Bonnie also led tributes in a series of tweets – starting off by writing: “Love you forever mom. You’ve got a halo now.”
She continued: “I’ll never forget you, mama. You were such a strong woman, and you taught me to always be strong. You were strong for everyone, and you taught me it’s okay to let go.
“I’d never thought I’d lose my mom at 20. I told her I thought she had a couple years left, but in her eyes she disagreed.”
Beth’s other daughter Cecily also paid tribute saying she was going to keep her mum’s “bunny key forever”.
The keychain was notorious with Beth, who could frequently be seen carrying it on TV.CANCER BATTLE
Beth had undergone a number of hospital admissions in recent months, and earlier this week was placed in a medically induced coma.
She was first diagnosed with stage two throat cancer in November 2017 and later developed stage-four lung cancer.
Her final days will be revealed in new show Dog’s Most Wanted – airing on US channel WGN.
Touching scenes in the trailer show Beth stood by her husband of 12 years as he discusses her illness.
He says: “My wife, the love of my life is fighting for her life, and instead of being at home helping her, I’m out here looking for you.”
Duane adds: “So I’m warning you, in advance, may God have mercy on you when I catch you… because I won’t.”
Poignant shots show Beth’s hospital bed and a close up photo of the couple – before Dog is seen leaning in for a tender kiss.
The release date has not yet been announced as some scenes were still being shot when Beth passed away.
Duane shot to fame in 2004 with Dog The Bounty Hunter, a reality series chronicling his experiences locating and arresting people who had breached their bail agreements.
The show was an instant hit, with viewers drawn in by Chapman’s street smarts, his team, and his attempts to rehabilitate and counsel the people he was able to track down.
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It ended in 2012 after eight seasons and was replaced in 2013 by Dog and Beth: On The Hunt, a spin-off series starring both Duane and Beth.
The couple tied the knot in 2006 and became great-grandparents earlier this year.
She was last seen in public celebrating Palm Sunday over the Easter Weekend in April, and shared a smiling photo of herself dolled up for the occasion on Instagram.
9 Chapman died at 51 after an 18-month battle with cancerCredit: Instagram
9 Beth’s final days with cancer will be shown on Dog’s new TV showCredit: YouTube/WGN
9 Dog held Beth’s hand in her final momentsCredit: The Mega Agency
9 Dog the Bounty Hunter cut a sombre figure todayCredit: BackGrid
Dog the Bounty Hunter reveals Beth Chapman’s dying words were ‘say it again, say it more’ as he breaks down at gates of family home


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