Doctors remove 1ft of OAP’s bowel after it ‘nearly exploded’ due to severe constipation

Doctors remove 1ft of OAP's bowel after it 'nearly exploded' due to severe constipation

AN OAP was so severely constipated his bowels nearly exploded, doctors have revealed.
The unnamed man was so poorly he collapsed at home where he was found by his family.
AsiaWire A man had to have 1ft of his bowel removed after he became so constipated his bowel ‘nearly exploded’
AsiaWire Surgeons removed a 1ft section of the man’s dead bowel
They rushed him to hospital in Taiwan, where doctors sent the 80-year-old for scans.
The results showed the man’s bowel were full to bursting with waste, causing a serious obstruction – that measured more than one foot (30cm).
Doctors later discovered the man hadn’t been able to go to the toilet to relieve himself for an entire week.
Surgeons removed 1ft of dead bowel
Dr Huang Ching-wen at the Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital said they diagnosed their patient with ulcerative colitis, a long-term and painful condition.
It causes the bowel and rectum to become inflamed, and small ulcers develop in the intestinal lining causing bleeding and pus.
As a result of the build-up of faeces, the patient had also developed a fever, and his temperature reached 39C.
Dr Huang and his team had no choice but to remove the foot-long section of necrotic bowel – which had died and was full of the man’s excrement.
Potentially fatal case
Hsieh Yi-chien, another medic who treated the pensioner, said: “Had he come later, his intestines might have exploded from the poo, leading to potentially fatal peritonitis and sepsis.”
The pensioner remained under observation for two more weeks before being discharged, according to Dr Huang.
Dr Huang said severe constipation can be avoided through regular exercise and by eating vegetables and fibrous foods, and drinking at least two litres of water per day.
‘Megarectum’ caused organ failure
Last year, doctors revealed another man nearly lost his life after a similar situation.
The 24-year-old was diagnosed with a “megarectum”, and almost died after his bowel filled with so much poo it did burst, causing his organs to shut down.
He was taken to hospital after suffering tummy pain and diarrhoea for a week.
Examination showed he had a tender, swollen abdomen with minimal bowel sounds.
A CT scan revealed he had a megarectum – a condition which causes the colon to dilate.
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His rectum had dilated up to 18cm inside his body and was “filled with faeces”, according to the BMJ case report.
He was given oral laxatives but refused regular enemas to clear his bowels.
Two days later he returned to Newham University Hospital in London suffering inflammation in the stomach and reduced consciousness.
Further tests revealed his blood was becoming too acidic and his kidneys were starting to fail.
A second CT scan found a “substantial perforation” of his bowel and he was rushed into surgery where doctors were able to close the tear.
The operation was successful and the man made a full recovery after being kept in intensive care.
AsiaWire Dr Huang Ching-wen and his team said had the man left it later to go to hospital his bowel could have exploded


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