Doctors are the most likely workers to drink due to peer pressure, poll reveals

Doctors are the most likely workers to drink due to peer pressure, poll reveals

DOCTORS are the most likely workers to drink because of pressure to do so from colleagues.
Nearly nine in ten complain of an embedded workplace boozing culture.
Getty – Contributor 86 per cent of doctors said they felt ‘pressure to drink’ because of an embedded ‘workplace drinking culture’
It puts them top of a poll’s table, ahead of railway workers and IT staff.
Professionals such as bankers, scientists, pharmacists and accountants also feature in the top ten.
Ruari Fairbairns, of One Year, No Beer, said: “It’s shocking that doctors, managers and workers in big business feel immense pressure to drink.”
The survey of 2,000 people also shows that a third feel they will be disadvantaged at work if they do not go out boozing with colleagues.
More than four in ten say they deliberately dodge after-work bashes to avoid the boozing culture.
A similar proportion say they are coerced into attending, despite insisting they are off alcohol.
And seven in ten say they are made to feel awkward by colleagues if they do not drink.

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The pressures to join in are felt more acutely by those aged 16 to 29 than their older workmates.
Mr Fairbairns, whose company runs a no-drinking challenge, said feeling under pressure to drink makes it more difficult to give up.
But he added: “When you overcome these obstacles it builds self-worth and that’s far more gratifying than having a drink.”
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