Doctor removes horrific ingrown toenail from man’s big toe in stomach-churning op

Doctor removes horrific ingrown toenail from man's big toe in stomach-churning op

IF you’re at all squeamish about feet, look away now.
Because a top “foot fixer” has just released a toe-curling video of her extracting an ingrown nail.
5 A patient came into see Miss Foot Fixer about his ingrown toenailCredit: Caters News Agency
5 She immediately set to work chopping away the blister that had formed on topCredit: Caters News Agency
The patient came to Marion Yau’s clinic on Harley Street begging for help with an out-of-control ingrown toenail.
The issue had caused a build-up of tissue to grow around the nail, which Marion – AKA Miss Foot Fixer – had to remove.
Second-time lucky
The patient had been to visit Marion’s clinic once before back in August, when he was suffering from a less severe version.
She starts the procedure by sterilising the toe before grabbing some snipper and clipping away at the overgrown tissue.
Once she’s clipped off the protruding, crusty lump, she then digs into the tissue underneath to find the nail.

Doc pulls off the nail
After a little more digging and clipping away at bloody flesh, Marion starts to reveal the buried nail.
Eventually, she decides to cut a section of the nail away that was hidden underneath the growth.
Using a scalpel (it’s really not for the faint-hearted!), she cuts down and then pulls off the offending nail before giving the underneath part of the toe a thorough clean.
Time to disinfect
She then sticks a cotton bud covered in a chemical into the gap to kill off any remaining bits of the nail and then dresses the toe in a bandage.
She advises the patient to keep his foot elevated and that’s it – he’s free to leave.
How to treat an ingrown nailYou don’t always have to go to a podiatrist – although if your toe starts to look like this guy’s, then you definitely might want to consider doing so.
The NHS also has some advice for treating your ingrown nail at home.

soak your foot in warm water 3 to 4 times a day for a few days – this softens the skin around your toe and stops the nail growing into it
keep your foot dry for the rest of the day
wear wide, comfortable shoes or sandals
take paracetamol or ibuprofen to ease the pain


do not cut your toenail – leave it to grow out
do not pick at your toe or toenail
do not wear tight, pointy shoes

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Ingrown nails are a common issue although cases this extreme aren’t usual.
You tend to get them from cutting your toenails too short, rounding the nail edges or wearing ill-fitting shoes or tights which press the nail into your toe.
Ingrown nails can also be caused by small traumas like stubbing your toe.
5 When Marion finally found it, she then had to chop it awayCredit: Caters News Agency
5 And that’s where the real toe-curling experience beganCredit: Caters News Agency
5 After a deep clean which saw her disinfect the foot and kill off any remains of nail, Miss Foot Fixer dressed the toe and her patient was free to goCredit: Caters News Agency

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