Do your bit for the planet while saving yourself some cash with our top tips

Do your bit for the planet while saving yourself some cash with our top tips

WASTE not, want not, is how the old saying goes.
We generate 41.1million tons of commercial and industrial rubbish in the UK that heads straight to landfill, a recent government report has revealed.
Getty – Contributor Do your bit for the planet while saving yourself some cash with our top tips
So doing your bit to help take care of the environment has never been more important.
Here are some ways to care for the planet and save you money.
Sustainable denim: Making just one pair of jeans uses up to 2,900 gallons of water. Until now, sustainable denim has cost a pretty penny, with a pair of G-Star jeans setting you back £130.  But Primark has just launched its own line. The jeans cost £13 and are available in indigo, black and light blue. Jean-ius.
Saving: £117.
Recycle electronics: UK households are hoarding 125million old mobile phones. That is four per household, according to new electronic device trade-in firm Gazelle.  The company has phone recycling machines at shopping centres nationwide. Put your phone into the machine and it will scan for damage — and gives you an instant price. A fully working iPhone 6S would get me £68 — and it is paid instantly into a bank account. See for more details.
Saving: £68.
Switch to tap water: Not only is it kinder to the environment, it can save you money. With the average family spending £1,558 a year on bottled water, why not invest in a water flask for £2 from Asda? Restaurants and cafes will be happy to fill it up when you are on the move.
Saving: £1,556 a year.
Box clever: The average shopper uses 13,000 plastic bags in their life. With the 10p charge, that is £1,300 wasted. Instead, use a cardboard box. Ask staff if they have any spare and they will usually bring you one.Saving: 10p per bag.
Top swap
Dior’s Capture Totale DreamSkin Advanced is £93.07 from Boots
Expert First Signs of Ageing Daily Complexion Perfecting Cream from Asda is just £8
SWAP your skincare regime with nspa Expert First Signs of Ageing Daily Complexion Perfecting Cream from Asda at a fraction of the cost of Dior’s Capture Totale DreamSkin Advanced, from Boots.
SAVE: £85.07.
Deal of the day
No7 Indulgent Collection gift set from Boots is a perfect gift for your mum, especially at the slashed price
TREAT your mum this Sunday with a No7 Indulgent Collection gift set from Boots for £26. Was £57.
SAVE: £31.
Cheap treat
These delicious Weetabix Breakfast Muffins are available at Tesco for £1.50
TRY new Weetabix Muffins in three tasty varieties: Apricot and oat; apple and raisin; and blueberry. Available at Tesco for £1.50 for a pack of four. RRP £1.80.
SAVE: 30p.
My Sun Savers fiver
KEITH JAMES from Tonyrefail, Rhondda Cynon Taff, says: “I’m saving my Savers fivers to help pay towards petrol, for my Sun Hols from £9.50 in Newquay, Cornwall.”

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Reader’s saving tip
JEAN LLOYD from Failsworth, Gtr Manchester, says: “To get rid of pet hairs on soft furniture and carpets without using expensive products, simply rub over with rubber washing up gloves – the hairs will come off very easily.”

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