DJ Khalid’s son Asahd is the most successful two-year-old influencer on Earth with two million Instagram followers, a Footlocker collection and producer credits on a Beyonce and Jay-Z single

DJ Khalid’s son Asahd is the most successful two-year-old influencer on Earth with two million Instagram followers, a Footlocker collection and producer credits on a Beyonce and Jay-Z single

HE counts Nicki Minaj and Rihanna as among his friends, wears a £100k diamond watch, a wardrobe full of designer trainers and drives a custom-built Ferarri – but Ashad Khaled is only two years old.
The high-achieving tot is even executive producer on his musician dad DJ Khaled’s latest album ‘Father of Asahd’ and has his already launched his own range of shoes at Footlocker.
Getty – Contributor DJ Khaled’s son Asahd isn’t like any other regular two-year-old, he’s got a job working as a producer
Asahd has been influencing music since he was four months old, inspiring the lyrics and beats of Khaled’s music.
The two-year-old was even credited as an executive producer on both Khaled’s previous album Grateful in 2017, and on the single shining by Jay-Z and wife Beyonce.
The youngster is barely able to talk, but the world famous DJ claims his son uses gestures to express his feelings about songs on the album – and has even thrown up to register his dislike .
Here the Sun Online takes a closer look at the DJ-in-the-making, from his millions of Instagram followers to sporting the latest fashion.
Instagram Asahd has been influencing his dad’s music since he was four months old when he produced a track on Khaled’s album
Two million followers
Asahd Tuck Khaled may only have been on the earth for a short two years, but with red carpets appearances and  two hit albums, it’s been a wild ride.
Born in October 2016, the photogenic baby has always been in the spotlight, with DJ-ing dad Khaled documenting his entire birth on social media, posting videos of his fiance Nicole Tuck in labour.
At just three months old, Asahd made his first red carpet appearance at the Grammy’s, in his dad’s arms, wearing a David August tuxedo costing £2,000.
And just weeks later he entered the music business for the first time as the executive produced of DJ Khaled’s album Grateful, featuring Justin Bieber.
Instagram Asahd has been clocking up the Instagram followers since birth and now has almost 2million
Getty – Contributor Asahd walked his first red carpet at three months old in a custom-made suit
DJ Khaled explained that between naps and nappy changes, his son listened to all the tracks in the recording studio, sitting in on samples with Bieber, ensuring the album was the best it could be.
He said that when the baby ‘laughed’ during a song he knew he liked it, and that when he ‘threw up’ during another it was something he had to work on.
Asahd was soon clocking up followers on his Instagram account, with his first picture appearing at two months with more posted almost daily since.
Now the youngster has a following of 1.9million on his account, racking up tens-of-thousands of likes for every adorable snap.
Instagram The DJ explained how his son will react to the music using gestures, conveying what needs to be done to tracks
Instagram Asahd now has 1.9million Instagram followers
Celebrity friends
Thanks to his role in the music industry, Asahd is often seen hanging out with some of the world’s biggest artists at a range of glamorous events.
The tot has been seen cuddling up with hip-hop star Rihanna and hanging out with Zac Efron.
Over his relatively short career, Asahd has also been pictured with rappers Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Cardi B and Post Malone.
He’s even been in the studio to give his expert opinion on tracks by his DJ dad with Alicia Keys, Drake, Justin Bieber and Future.
Instagram Nicki Minaj posed alongside the youngster as they celebrated the success of her track Do You Mind
Instagram The tot has also posed alongside some of the world’s biggest celebs, including rapper Drake
Instagram Rihanna cuddled up with Asahd as a baby, with the two-year-old’s Instagram boasting this image
Naomi Campbell couldn’t help but share her love for Asahd either, who stopped DJ Khaled to tell him his son was ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’.
When DJ Khaled took to the stage of the BET Awards with Chance The Rapper, Quavo and Lil Wayne, Asahd was not one to miss out either.
Just months old, the baby debuted on stage in his dad’s arms, wearing noise-cancelling headphones, as his name was plastered across the big screens.
His outfit for the performance was a baby blue Gucci suit matching that of rapper Gucci Mane, who carried him down the red carpet.
Rex Features Asahd appeared on stage at just a few months old for the BET Awards
Instagram The baby’s suit, a custom blue Gucci number, matched with that of rapper Gucci Mane
Work hard, play hard
But it’s not all work for the young producer – he often takes breaks to party with his family, last year celebrating his first birthday at an exclusive LIV Miami club.
If that doesn’t sound lavish enough – he was gifted a £100k rose-gold watch, encrusted with a total of 600 diamonds, from his parents.
Asahd may not be old enough to hold a driver’s licence but that hasn’t stopped him from riding around in expensive cars – his own miniature versions.
His custom-made electric car collection includes a Ferrari, Mercedes and Rolls Royce, a glamorous alternative to his other wheels, a Fendi Monster Inglesina push chair that retails at £1.4k.
Getty – Contributor Despite not being old enough to drive, Asahd has a fleet of specially crafted electric cars
When the youngster wants to walk, he’s also got an extensive trainer collection thanks to his sneaker-head dad.
Asahd’s collection includes some of the most expensive shoes from Jordan, Yeezy and Gucci in his tiny size, as well as a separate wardrobe of adult-sized shoes that DJ Khaled is saving for his son.
He even has his own collection with sportswear brand Footlocker, which he launched last year in New York while flashing his diamond Rolex watch, said to cost upwards of £30k.
The toddler’s favourite fashions brands are said to include Versace and Supreme, often choosing to match outfits with his fashion-loving father.
Instagram Alongside a collection of expensive trainers and watchers, Asahd has an extensive designer wardrobe
Instagram The tot has even launched his own line with sportswear brand Footlocker, who own the Jordan fashion company
When he’s not in the studio, he takes plenty of holidays with Mum and Dad, spending much of his down time relaxing on luxury yachts which cost over £10k a day to hire.
And since babyhood the tot has travelled on private jets to and from glamorous villas in Jamaica, Dubai, Mexico and the Bahamas.
Despite his riches, Asahd still recognises the needs of others, having set up (with his father’s help, of course) the We the Best Foundation, which aims to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children.
For his second birthday, he even invited 150 community groups to share in his six tiered cake, carnival rides, games and music, raising more than £100k for the cause.
Instagram When he’s not working hard, Asahd is relaxing with his family in luxurious destinations around the world
Instagram The youngster has never known anything other than flying in a chartered private jet
Instagram Stylish Asahd has his down time too, often spending time showing off his expensive watches
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So what can we expect from the upcoming album produced by a two-year-old? DJ Khaled has said fans will have to wait and see for the ‘unpredictable’ results when it’s released on May 17.
“‘Father of Asahd’ is my best work up to date,” he told Billboard. “Expect a lot of surprises. It’s coming, it’s close, it’s near.”
Hit or miss, the result is not likely to faze little Asahd – as long as the lavish lifestyle just keeps on coming.
​Superstar ​DJ Khaled gets ready to host Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards


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