Disney kids’ glasses sold in Amazon pulled from sale over fears they contain potentially toxic metal

Disney kids' glasses sold in Amazon pulled from sale over fears they contain potentially toxic metal

KIDS’ Disney drinking glasses sold in Amazon have been pulled from shelves after an investigation found that they contain potentially toxic metal.
Tests on glassware from Amazon, Tesco and The Range found that the illustrations painted on the tumblers were made with metal cadmium, a cancer-causing chemical found in cigarette smoke.
Amazon The Disney glasses were sold by Amazon by a third-party seller
Since the BBC alerted Amazon to the results of its investigation, the retailer has pulled the cups from its site.
But Tesco continues to stock the glasses because they “comply with UK and EU regulations”, and The Range has temporarily removed them from sale while it carries out its own tests.
Dr Andrew Turner of the University of Plymouth analysed the tumblers – which featured non-Disney designs too – and reckoned that he personally wouldn’t want to use the glasses on a long term basis.
He told the BBC: “I would refrain from giving these to young children and I think I would refrain from using them myself as well.”
Amazon Decorated glasses from The Range and Tesco were also found to be made with the chemicals
Cadmium has been found to cause damage to kidneys and bones, and can even lead to cancer.
The paint on the glasses from Tesco and The Range were also found to have lead in them, but it was the Amazon glasses that were deemed the biggest risk because of how close to the rim the toxic chemicals were which means it could be easily ingested.
The Amazon glasses were produced by a third-party seller who have a licence to use the Disney Prince images.
Neither lead or cadmium are illegal to use on glassware so the products aren’t being recalled.
Amazon The other glasses are “less of a risk” because the picture isn’t near the rim
But expert Dr Caroline Taylor from the University of Bristol warned that ingesting lead can cause behaviours problems and lower IQs in children.
She added: “I feel that there’s no need for this kind of paint to be on glasses so why are we taking unnecessary risks.”
An Amazon spokesperson added: “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account.”
A Tesco spokesperson told The Sun: “We have robust procedures in place to ensure the safety, quality and conformity of all new products brought to market and we are continually reviewing new materials, processes and methods for glassware decorating.”
The Sun contacted The Range and Disney for comment.
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