David Beckham wannabe Jack Johnson reveals £18k sex change plan to look like Victoria

David Beckham wannabe Jack Johnson reveals £18k sex change plan to look like Victoria

A TRANSGENDER woman who spent thousands of pounds to look like David Beckham now wants to resemble Victoria Beckham.
Jack Johnson, who has not had full gender reassignment surgery yet, said she wants to look like Victoria Beckham’s twin.
Fame Flynet Jack Johnson may spend up to £40,000 in his quest to look like the Beckhams
The 22-year-old said it will cost around £18,000 to fully transition, including a boob job and face lift.
She also plans to change her name to Victoria by deed poll.
She told Nottinghamshire Live : “I love Victoria’s fashion so much I have even brought her high heels which I saved up out my benefit money.
“I love her face and body, everything about her and I’m going to look like her twin when I’m done.”
Jack underwent a regime of eyebrow lifts, teeth veneers, lip and cheek fillers, Botox and tan injections, costing about £20,000 in total, in a bid to look like David Beckham.
She even contemplated modelling herself on the Beckham’s oldest son Brooklyn.
She said: “When I was eight I was the watching Jerry Springer show and saw a transgender woman on there who had a sex change so from there on I knew one day I’m going to have the operation.
“Everyone knows I’m transgender and want to look like Victoria Beckham now in my home town and some people ain’t so nice but I don’t care because I have my happy ever after now.
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“Altogether it’s going to cost the taxpayers about £18,000 for my sex change and face lift.”
Jack is on the NHS waiting list for a sex change.
She claims her sister will pay for the boob job.
Fame Flynet Jack Johnson realised he wanted gender reassignment surgery after he watched a Jerry Springer show when he was eight
Getty – Contributor Jack Johnson has spent about £20,000 to look like David Beckham and expects to spend something similar to look like Victoria
Social Media – Refer to Source ‘I love her face and body, everything about her, and I’m going to look like her twin when I’m done’

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