Dad who survived having head sliced by a samurai sword hailed a ‘medical miracle’ after attack

Dad who survived having head sliced by a samurai sword hailed a 'medical miracle' after attack

DOCS say a dad who survived having his head sliced open in a samurai sword attack is a medical miracle.
Jon Barnes, 23, was in a coma for 19 days and the wound needed more than 40 staples to seal.
Solent News Jon was left scarred and blind in on eye as a result of the attack
He spent more than a month in hospital and is lucky to be alive but was left blind in one eye.
The labourer, of Winchester, was visiting a pal in nearby Eastleigh when he was struck from behind after an argument with another person in the house.
Police launched an attempted murder inquiry and made a series of arrests but no-one has yet been charged in connection with the near-fatal assault, which took place four days before Christmas.
Mr Barnes said: “The thing I remember most is the blood, which went everywhere.
“I was dying on the floor. A neighbour came round with a towel and wrapped it around my head.
“If they hadn’t done that I would have died.
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Describing the moment he woke up from a 19 day coma in hospital, Mr Barnes discovered he was blind in his left eye. He added: “I put my hand over my other eye and couldn’t see a thing.
“I’ve been left with a huge scar on the side of my head and often feel very tired and depressed. He had no reason to do it.”
Solent News Jon became a father recently after his partner Abi gave birth to their daughter Elsie-Rose
Solent News Police still haven’t been able to find the person responsible for the attack

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