Dad-of-two paying £160k to be cryogenically frozen at death wants to come back as superhuman and visit Jupiter’s moons – The Sun

Dad-of-two paying £160k to be cryogenically frozen at death wants to come back as superhuman and visit Jupiter’s moons – The Sun

A RETIRED engineer is paying £160,000 to be cryogenically frozen after his death, hoping to come back in hundreds of years able to visit Jupiter’s moons.
Mike Carter, 73, will undergo the process within minutes of dying, before being transferred to the US to be stored in a specialist facility.
4 Cryonics is a process in which a body is frozen after death in the hope it can be revived in the futureCredit: Getty – Contributor
4 Dad-of-two Mick Carter is paying £160,000 to be frozen after his deathCredit: Media Wales
Cryonics is a process by which the body is brought down to a temperature well below freezing in the minutes after death.
It began being used in the 1970s by people hoping to be revived when scientists have found cures for terminal illnesses or developed ways to extend human life.
Carter is a member of Cryonics UK, a registered charity since 1991 run by volunteers who are trained and ready to be called out when someone wishing to be frozen becomes seriously ill.
He has taken part in three of the 15 freezings Croynics UK have carried out so far.
“I just googled cryogenics and then eventually came across the term cryonics. Then I found Cryonics UK,” Carter told WalesOnline.
“I went to a couple of meetings, got in touch with one of cryonics providers in the US, and eventually I thought: ‘I don’t think it will work but what have I got to lose?’
“Ten years ago I would say to you it’s a heck of a long shot.
“I think now I would say it’s a bit of a long shot.
“So much has happened in the meantime I think you never know – there’s a chance.”
WHAT IS CRYONICS?Cryonics is a process by which the body is stored in liquid nitrogen after death.The idea is that preserving the body at extremely low tempretaures will allow future scientists to revive the patient once ways have been found to cure terminal illnessess or extend human life.
Freezing can only happen once a person has been declared legally dead, and must begin as soon as possible to prevent damage to the brain.
The person is put on a chest compressoin machine and vertilator before medications to stop the blood clotting and capillaries from collapsing are adminsitered .
Specialist antifreeze that reaches all cells and blood vessels in the head is then injected, allowing the body to be frozen below freezing point.
The body is taken down to -65C over the course of three days, before being transferred surrounded by 45kg of of dry ice to the person’s chosen storage facility.
Once at the facility, the body is placed into a giant tank of liquid nitrogen – head down in case the nitrogen at the top begins to boil away and increase the temperature of the brain.

Dad-of-two Carter has high expectations for what might be possible if he can be revived a few hundreds years from now.
“I don’t think humans as we know them will be around in 500 years because we’ve got the point where it’s not natural selection anymore – we will be able to select what we want.
“It will start off, I think, with resistance to disease and then go on to maybe improve intelligence.
“I wouldn’t mind coming back as something completely different that would be able to go out and explore the moons of Jupiter.”
He adds: “I know it sounds a bit weird.”
The facility where Carter will be stored, Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona, currently says it has 170 people in storage, and another 1,246 people around the world who have registered to be frozen after they die.
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“Cryonics people are as varied as anyone else in society but it’s the only thing you see with them all – they all like life and want more of it and want to see what will happen in the future,” Carter said.
“If I lived this life and came back and live a similar life again and again I think by about the third time you’d think you’ve seen it, done it.”
4 Bodies are stored in liquid nitrogen at -65CCredit: Getty – Contributor
4 Carter says he hopes to come back when humans have become resistant to diseaseCredit: Media Wales

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