Customer gave restaurant a very detailed order to create perfect burger for dog

Customer gave restaurant a very detailed order to create perfect burger for dog

One dog was getting an indulgent treat (Picture: Getty, @annaesilman/Twitter)We all like to treat our pets from time to time.
But one person took their dog to a very fancy New York restaurant to give them the perfect burger.
Anna Silman tweeted about her friend, who is the chef at a restaurant in the city.
The order was pretty detailed – and we feel bad for the waiter who had to deal with it.
The order said: ‘1 beef burger. Med rare, no cheese, side salad.’
There are then additional instructions for the kitchen: ‘This is for a dog. No salt, no oil, no seasoning, no pepper. Absolutely plain, no toppings, no garnishes.
‘No bacon, no pickles, no onion, no bread, no lettuce, no side salad.’

That is one precise order (Picture: @annaesilman/Twitter)To really stress the point, they added: ‘Just the plain pattie – this is for a dog.’
It’s probably the easiest order the kitchen has seen in years.
Lots of people thought it was a bit much for a dog but others pointed out that maybe it was a special treat for special circumstances.
One person said: ‘If you’ve ever had an ill or dying pet who can’t eat, none of this sounds over the top. I hand fed my dog w/ failing kidney disease specialized meals I cooked.
‘If you have the ability to do it and they need it, what else are you gonna do?’
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Another added: ‘Whenever I get a dog out of animal control (I’m a rescue volunteer), we drive thru McDonalds for a Rescue Burger (my name for it, not McD’s). Plain cheeseburger.
‘They always look at it in amazement. (Don’t worry, they get healthy food after that, but this treat builds trust.)’
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