Currys PC World accidentally sells £3,500 TV for £300 but angers shoppers by cancelling orders

Currys PC World accidentally sells £3,500 TV for £300 but angers shoppers by cancelling orders

CURRYS PC World customers who snapped up an 85-inch Sony TV worth £3,498 for £299 have slammed the retailer for cancelling orders after it blamed price glitch.
Furious shopper Paul Williamson, 54, from Downham in Essex, bought four of the giant screens on Wednesday when he saw £3,199 knocked off the price.
Currys A price glitch online meant the 85-inch Sony TV worth £3,498 cost just £299
He received a confirmation email within minutes of him placing the order for the Sony Bravia 85″ Smart 4K Ultra HD TVs at the unbelievable price.
His debit card had also been charged the £1,196 which had already left his account.
But later that morning, Paul got a second email telling him that his order had been cancelled and that he would be issued a refund within five working days.
After double checking the online price, he noticed that despite still being in the sale, the price tag now read that it had been reduced by just £499 to £2,999.
Paul Williamson Paul Williamson was one of the angry customers who have slammed the firm for not honouring the glitch
Twitter/@DavidSm1th Online the TV cost £299 but was actually meant to be reduced to £2,999
The retailer has since confirmed to The Sun that the incredibly low price tag was too good to be true and was actually down to an error on the site.
Now, Paul’s frustrated that he can’t take advantage of the new price tag either because he can’t afford to buy the telly without the refund from Curry’s.
“My son called me up at about 8am in the morning telling me to order one,” he told The Sun, “because he knew I was looking for two new tellies for my home and he’s been keeping an eye out.
“I immediately ordered two of them but then I wasn’t sure if the payment went through so I bought two more.
“My son and his mates also bought them – about 20 between them because they just couldn’t believe it.
What are your rights if something is advertised at the wrong price?YOUR rights on buying something for the wrong price depends on whether you bought it in a shop or online. Here are your rights according to Citizen’s Advice:
Buying in a shop: 

If you haven’t bought it yet – The store don’t have to sell it to you for the mistaken price but you could ask them to honour it. The same rules apply if you see an item advertised at a lower price than the one on the price tag.
If you’ve already bought it – If a shop charges you less than the advertised price then you do’nt have to give it back. If you realised that you were charged more than the advertised price, return the item and ask them to refund the difference. Keep any evidence of the mistake like the receipt and a photo of the advertised price.

Shopping online:

If you’ve paid for it and/or it’s been sent to you – The company can’t usually cancel your order, even if they realise they’ve sold you something at the wrong price. They’ll only be able to cancel it if it was a genuine and honest mistake on their part that you should’ve noticed.
If you haven’t paid for it – If the retailer realises its mistake then they are entitled to cancel it.

“But now I am furious with them. I understand it was a mistake and they’re holding their hands up but I now can’t buy it for the proper price either.
“They’re happy to take my money straight away but they’re going to make me wait up to five days before I get it back.
“It’s unbelievable that I wasn’t given an apology or offered any compensation.”
Technically, retailers don’t have to honour price glitches if it was a genuine mistake.
Like many retailers, Currys PC World also states in its terms and conditions that it can cancel orders in cases like these even after you’ve received a confirmation email.
But it looks like Paul isn’t the only one disappointed by the brand – other shoppers took to Twitter to share their anger.
Andrew Glover wrote: “#Currys not happy with you cancelling my TV order. It’s not my fault you had a pricing error.”
While DJ Natch said: “Currys PC World so I make an order of a TV that YOU listed the price wrong online. How do you resolve the issue?
“Cancel my order then relist the TV with the correct price! UNBELIEVABLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.”
Currys PC World wasn’t able to tell us how many people bought the TV while the pricing glitch was live.
A spokesperson added: “There was an error in our pricing which we corrected the same morning.
“We have contacted the customers that ordered this to explain the error and apologise to them for any disappoint caused – they will receive a full refund of any charges already paid.”
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Unfortunately customers who bought the TV won’t be as lucky as these shoppers who took advantage of a price error at Currys PC World that meant a PS4 bundle worth £543 could be bought for just £299.99.
The retailer decided to honour the mistake allowing customers to purchase the set for the reduced price.
Price glitches aren’t as uncommon as you think. Bargain hunters who saved £262 on a bike from Halfords were disappointed when the retailer cancelled orders to make up for the mistake.
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