Crocs unleash even more horror on the world with their fanny-pack shoes

Crocs unleash even more horror on the world with their fanny-pack shoes

(Picture: BEAMS)They’re the shoe of choice for many a chef and nurse, but tend to get a lot of hate on social media.
Crocs, while famed for being comfortable and durable, don’t really win out in the style stakes, and it’s about to get worse.
In a collaboration with Beams, the shoe brand are going to be offering their ‘iconic’ style with an added fanny-pack.
Alongside the Japanese brand, Crocs have introduced a line that includes two colourways (teal shoes and purple packs or vice versa).
The zip-up bags attach to either the back portion of the shoe, or can be stuck on to the front if you’re extra confident.

(Picture: BEAMS)

(Picture: BEAMS)Each side shows the brand name of each of the designers, and could probably fit a small packet of chewing gum and a lip balm. They cost $53 a pair (£40.80).
The rest of the range has Crocs with sun visors, fringing, and plenty of gems. These are definitely the most controversial, however.
One social media user joked ‘the fanny pack is for all the extra condoms you won’t be using’ while another quipped that the bags were ‘so you have a place to store your virginity’.
It’s not the first time Crocs have veered into a new lane, with their collaboration with Balenciaga featuring a platform sole (and a £600 price tag).
We also reported on some edgelord ‘goth Crocs’ recently, sporting some rather dangerous looking spikes and even a classic metal chain to show the world you’re practical yet punk.
If you’re brave enough, you can get yours on the Beams site now.
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