Creepy AI creates photo-realistic models and outfits from scratch

Creepy AI creates photo-realistic models and outfits from scratch

JAPANESE tech whizzes have developed a tool that can dream up a photo-realistic person in seconds.
The software, powered by artificial intelligence, builds brand new faces, hair, outfits, and all from scratch at the click of a button.
DataGrid These “models” were created by artificial intelligence

Developed by tech firm DataGrid, the software could one day be used by clothes companies to whip up photogenic models without forking out for real ones.
In a video showcasing the tool, the AI morphs and poses dozens of models as their outfits transform around them.
Colourful dresses turn into bomber jackets before warping into t-shirts.
Experts at DataGrid, which is based at Kyoto University, trained the AI using thousands of photos of real models.
DataGrid The tool could one day be used by clothes companies to whip up photogenic models
DataGrid Experts trained the AI using thousands of photos of real models
It works by pitching two clever AIs against one another, a system called a generative adversarial network (GAN).
While one algorithm builds a new person, the other rates it on its realism and sends it back if it’s not good enough.
Through this rapid algorithmic back-and-forth, the pair are able to make phony portraits that look the real deal.
Importantly, each image is not a facial Frankenstein’s monster that combines features from other photos – the tool generates a unique face each and every time.
DataGrid says its tool is designed for “advertising and fashion”, but it will raise fears over a future in which fake photos can’t be distinguished from real ones.
As well as faces and models, similar tech has been used to create life-like fake celebrities, wildlife photos and even sick bogus porn clips known as “deep fakes”.
DataGrid The tool can generate dozens of new models in mere seconds
Researchers recently warned that deep fake videos pose a serious threat in the 2020 election.
Fake AI-generated clips featuring political figures making outrageous claims could be used to influence voters as the technology progresses, they said.
“As of this writing, ‘deep fake’ forged audio and video looks and sounds noticeably wrong even to untrained individuals,” said experts at the Center for a New American Security.
“However, at the pace these technologies are making progress, they are likely less than five years away from being able to fool the untrained ear and eye.”
DataGrid creates FAKE human faces using AI – can you tell they’re not real?
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In other dystopian news, an AI expert recently predicted that digital assistants like Alexa will soon be able to tell when your relationship is on the rocks.
Already, recruiters at a number of big companies are using robots to spy on your social media and assess whether you’re right for a job opening.
In January, an academic claimed that robots will steal half of all jobs in the world within 15 years, creating unemployment crisis for millions.
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