Couple were dumped on the same day they met – say it was ‘meant to be’

Couple were dumped on the same day they met – say it was 'meant to be'

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)Brittany and Tyler were both stuck in ‘unhappy’ marriages when they met.
From Texas and Seattle respectively, the pair first locked eyes at a work conference.
They bonded instantly, but since they were both taken parted ways as friends and assumed it would stay that way.
But fate intervened.
‘For me, when we met, it was just a friendship,’ she said.
‘We were at the conference, and we were both leaving on Sunday. So Tyler and I were just saying goodbye.
‘And I stayed back with some of my friends, and I got a text message saying “I want a divorce”.
While she was dealing with this news, Tyler had a similar situation happen.
He tried calling his partner and when she didn’t pick up, checked in with his friend who lived next door to the couple’s house.
Tyler’s friend said he had seen the wife get into a car three days previously and drive away ‘with a trailer full of her things’.
Thankfully, despite the sad circumstances, this story has a happy ending.
After finding out his partner had unceremoniously exited their relationship, Tyler texted Brittany to tell her about it.

After their first marriages ended, Brittany and Tyler found each other (Picture: Photos by Del Sol Photography)

All’s well that ends well – the pair got married last year (Picture: Del Sol Photography)

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)‘When I got the text message probably a couple hours later, he called me and said that he went home and his wife had left him,’ Brittany said.
‘So we were just like “this is really weird.”.
‘When I met Tyler it was a tangible thing for me to see that there was somebody out there. So when I got the text message, in my heart I just felt peace, like this is meant to be.
‘It was nothing to do with Tyler, it was just the timing of it.’
The now loved-up couple are thought to have tied the knot in October, 2018.
They had a small ceremony with just close family and friends at the Secrets Maroma resort in Cancun, Mexico.

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)Tyler said he believes their relationship was ‘meant to be’ and meeting Brittany is the best thing that has ever happened to him.
He has also told his friends it must be ‘a sign from God’.
While going through their respective divorces, the couple became best friends.
Tyler then made his move by asking Brittany to accompany him to a wedding in Colorado, where they both confessed their love for each other.

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)‘We were both devastated,’ she said.
‘We did not want our marriages to end, but it did. And we had each other to go through that, and it was really special. We continued long distance until 1 January when he asked me to marry him, while he was vesting in Texas for Christmas, and of course I said yes.
‘Three days later he got a call from his national manager offering him the regional manager spot in Dallas Texas because that manager quit. So he said “yes”, sold all of his stuff and moved to Texas.
‘We’ve been living together since January and are in awe of God.’
Brittany also spoke about her previous marriage and how it led her to Tyler.
‘It wasn’t okay to be treated like that,’ she said.
‘Then all of a sudden I just had this amazing guy that was everything that I could have ever wanted. It’s like a corny love story.
‘I thank him from the bottom of my heart for loving me at a time that I felt so dead on the inside.’

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)

The couple wrote vows for their wedding day (Picture: Del Sol Photography)

(Picture: Del Sol Photography)Tyler’s words echo Brittany’s.
Ahead of their wedding day, he told her: ‘You’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life.’
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And they lived happily ever after.
But now all we really want to know is what happened to their former partners.
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