Couple used adopted daughter, 14, to fulfill their twisted ‘rape-murder fantasy’

Couple used adopted daughter, 14, to fulfill their twisted 'rape-murder fantasy'

A couple raped, killed, and dismembered their 14-year-old adoptive daughter to fulfill a shared ‘rape-murder fantasy,’ prosecutors say.
On Tuesday, Jacob Sullivan pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Grace Packer because ‘it was just a weird fantasy thing,’ he said during his original confession.
Sullivan’s trial began on Tuesday, but it was cut short when Sullivan made the surprising plea in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania courtroom. His former girlfriend, Sara Packer, was also charged with the teen’s brutal death and she is expected to plead guilty as well.

Jacob Sullivan pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Grace Packer on Tuesday during the first day of his trial (Picture: AP)

Sara Packer is cooperating with authorities and is expected to plead guilty as well (Picture: AP)Prosecutors said Sara Packer is currently cooperating with authorities, WFMZ reported.
‘After that we expect she will enter her own guilty plea and be sentenced to life plus whatever additional sentence the judge imposes. That’s all I can say,’ said her lawyer, Kieth Williams.
Red-eyed ‘sex predator’, 89, ‘walked along road masturbating in front of children’The couple was charged with Grace’s rape and murder after the teen’s dismembered body was found by hunters on October 31, 2016.
‘The girl’s torso was found by hunters in a Luzerne County park on Oct. 31, and K-9 teams found her legs and arms nearby,’ NBC reported in January 2017.
According to prosecutors, Grace’s final hours ‘were probably the most horrible and traumatic that any person should ever have had to experience.’

Grace Packer’s dismembered body was found by hunters on October 31, 2016 (Picture: Buck’s County District Attorney’s Office)‘(Sullivan) admitted that they discussed him raping Grace before killing her. In the 3rd floor finished attic Jacob Sullivan ripped Grace’s pajama top and bit her breasts while Sara Packer watched,’ the probable cause warrant stated.
‘Jacob said Sullivan admitted that Sara Packer was sexually aroused witnessing him do this. Jacob Sullivan admitted that he took a Viagra pill prior to attacking Grace in preparation of the rape.
Newspaper editor sparks fury after calling for return of Ku Klux KlanAfter the assault, Grace was bound with zip ties, gagged, drugged, and left in a hot closet overnight to die. When she was found alive the next morning, Sullivan strangled her to death.
Sullivan and Packer then attempted to carry out a suicide pact by overdosing on drugs, but it failed when they were found by a housemate who alerted authorities.
Upon his arrest, Sullivan originally implicated Packer in the girl’s death, but then recanted his confession claiming he was delusional.

Sara Packer is pictured here leaving court in January 2017 in Bucks County (Picture: Associated Press)He is expected to be handed a life sentence for his crimes.
Grace was adopted by Packer, who was a former adoption supervisor, and her ex-husband David Packer when she was three years old, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

David Packer was charged with sexually assaulting Grace when she was five-years-old (Picture: Bucks County Prosecutors Office)In 2011, David Packer was convicted for sexually abusing Grace when she was five-years-old.
He was released in 2015 and is now a registered sex offender.
When Grace disappeared in 2016, David Packer told NBC Philadelphia that he did not know what happened to her, adding ‘I wish I knew. I really do.’


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