Could Dominic Grieve quit the Tory Party and what did the Conservative MP say about Brexit?

Could Dominic Grieve quit the Tory Party and what did the Conservative MP say about Brexit?

TORY MP Dominic Grieve has revealed he will leave the party in the event of a No Deal Brexit.
The former Attorney General, who is staunchly pro-EU, made the comments after three of his colleagues quit the Conservatives and joined The Independent Group.
London News Pictures Dominic Grieve said he wouldn’t be able to accept if the PM left without a deal
What did Mr Grieve say about quitting the Tories?
Mr Grieve told Newsnight he had “complete sympathy and admiration” for the three splitters.
He told the BBC he would have to act “if I thought the Government was about to take us into a No Deal Brexit.”
He added: “I would have to use every opportunity available to me.
“I would have to leave the party – yes.”
Mr Grieve and fellow Tories Philip Lee and Justine Greening have all warned Theresa May they will abandon the party if the Government heads towards leaving the EU without an exit agreement in place on March 29.
What has Mr Grieve said about Brexit?
Last year, Mr Grieve told The Independent that he believed a second referendum was the “only sensible way forward.”
Writing in the Sunday Telegraph in September, he said Mrs May faced a “quiet rebellion” from pro-EU Tory MPs.
He wrote: “I believe the time has come for a polite rebellion by pragmatic Conservatives.
“Including myself, it is now clear that there is a significant group of Conservative MPs who think that a People’s Vote – a vote on the final form Brexit will take, is absolutely indispensable for the future wellbeing of our country.”
He added: “A no-deal Brexit is a proposal so damaging to our future that it cannot be accepted.
“So the only possible response must be to return to the British electorate and ask them what they want.
“That, it seems to me, is a good pragmatic Conservative position.”
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Who are the ‘gang of three’?
Remainers Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen sensationally quit the Conservatives in February, 2019, blaming the Prime Minister’s “disastrous” handling of Brexit.
Their shock defection boosted the new Independent Group of eight former Labour MPs to 11 and pushed Theresa May’s party closer to breaking point.
The three blamed “Blukip” or a “purple Momentum” of hard-right “zealots” for trying to force out MPs on the Remain wing of the party through deselections.
They claimed Mrs May had shown a “dismal failure” to stand up to the European Research Group of Brexiteer Conservatives, who were operating as a “party within a party” at Westminster.
Ms Allen said she believed “a significant number” of Conservative MPs were considering joining the new group.
Tory Remainer Dominic Grieve says he will quit too if PM goes for No Deal Brexit

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