Coca-Cola is launching a posh version of Coke that you can mix with vodka and rum

Coca-Cola is launching a posh version of Coke that you can mix with vodka and rum

SUPERMARKETS are to start selling a posh version of Coke designed to be mixed with vodka, rum and other spirits.
Coca-Cola is launching four new Signature Mixers which will have subtly different flavours to regular Coke.
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is launching posh mixers designed for cocktails
The mixers are still cola, but they will have a hint of exotic flavours such as jalapeno, basil, exotic citrus fruit yuzu and lemongrass.
They’ll come in four varieties: Smoky Notes, Spicy Notes, Herbal Notes and Woody Notes.
The unusual mixers will roll out to all major supermarkets, bars and pubs across the UK from the start of June, and will cost £1.50 per 200ml bottle.
That’s more expensive than posh tonic company Fever Tree, which Coca-Cola is attempting to rival with its new product.
Coca-Cola The mixers will also go on sale at bars across the UK
Fever Tree’s 200ml bottles come in packs of four for £3, which works out at 75p per bottle.
Alternatively, you can buy a 500ml bottle for just £1.35 at Tesco and Waitrose currently as the high-end mixer range is on offer.
Supermarkets will set their own prices when the Coca-Cola bottles launch so they may go on sale for less nearer the time.
Of course, it will be much cheaper to just buy normal Coca-Cola for your cocktails.
The cheapest you can currently buy a one-litre bottle is at Asda for £1.
Coca-Cola says yhe mixers have all been created in partnership with some of the UK’s best mixologists – which are professional cocktail makers.
Here’s a run-down of what each new variety tastes like.
Smoky Notes
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola has four varieties of its new mixers, one of which is Smoky Notes
The Smoky Notes mixer will taste slightly of exotic essential oil ylang ylang as well as dried fruit.
It’s described as an “intensely aromatic blend”.
It’s recommended for spiced rums and bold whiskies.Spicy Notes
Coca-Cola Spicy Notes will taste ever so slightly of ginger, jalapeno and citrus fruits
Coca-Cola says this mixer has a “a warm introduction that gives way to a fiery finish”.
It apparently has hints of jalapeno chillies, ginger, citrus fruits and rosemary.
The company recommends pairing it with amber-coloured whiskies and any kind of rum.Herbal Notes
Coca-Cola This mixer has a slightly herby flavour
This one is described as a “delightfully floral, crisp and tart mix”.
It has flavours of lemongrass, dill seed and tagetes – a fancy word for a marigold.
Coca-Cola recommends serving it with amber whiskies and any kind of rum.Woody Notes
Coca-Cola There’s also a posh mixer with ‘woody notes’
This mixer apparently has “a tart, light and refreshing profile, with a hint of warmth”.
It’s supposed to taste vaguely like basil, citrus fruit yuzu and patchouli – which is a type of bushy herb.
It goes well with woody whiskies and golden rums, according to Coca-Cola.
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