Cineworld axes Tango Ice Blast slushies and viewers are threatening to boycott the cinema

Cineworld axes Tango Ice Blast slushies and viewers are threatening to boycott the cinema

MOVIE fans are furious after Cineworld has decided to stop selling Tango Ice Blast drinks.
The cinema chain is ditching the fizzy frozen drink across all 793 of its branches and swapped it with a Vimto-based version called “ICEE” instead.
Fans are fuming at Cineworld for ditching the Tango Ice Blast drink
Fans have not taken the news lightly and have already started a campaign page on Facebook in a bid to bring back their favourite drink.
The beverages are made using a Slush Puppie machine and is generally only available to buy in cinemas – so fans can’t make them at home.
One devastated customer wrote on the Keep Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld Facebook page: “If you get rid of Ice Blasts there’s no point going to the cinema… that’s all I go for so byeeee cinema.”
Another said: “[Tango Ice Blasts] are worth every penny and I always go out of my way to bu one at the cinema.
Twitter Adam’s film was “nearly ruined” when he realised the snack changes
Twitter One devastated fan said she “might cry” if the cinema went through with plans to get rid of the drinks
Twitter Some fans are refusing to go to the cinema altogether now that Cineworld has ditched Tango Ice Blasts
Twitter One fan is hoping that the cinema chain will bring back the popular drink
“I literally cannot explain how much I enjoy and love them and if they ever left me I might cry.”
Adamn Scott Pringle felt his Avengers End Game viewing was almost “completely ruined” when he realised his favourite drink had been replaced with “some rubbish called ICEE”.
The drinks are still available to buy at Odeon and Vue cinemas – and some fans are threatening to pay to watch movies at Cineworld’s competitors so they can still sip on a Tango Ice Blast.
Lee Churchyard wrote on Twitter: “I can safely say, the day Tango Ice Blast leaves @cineworld is the day I start going to @ODEONCinemas.”
Twitter One fans slammed the move as “unacceptable”
Twitter Some Cineworld customers have threatened to pay to watch films with competitors
Twitter One fan has promised to ditch Cineworld altogether
Cineworld, which still describes the Tango Ice Blast as the “ultimate cinema experience” on its website, is now selling popular US brand ICEE drinks.
The Tango version comes in two flavours – the blue raspberry and cherry – whereas ICEE is Vimto-based, which is made to taste like grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants.
Slush Puppie already angered fans by changing the recipe to cut the sugar content ahead of last year’s new UK Sugar Tax guidelines.
But ICEE does contain sugar which can be problematic for diabetic viewers.
Twitter ICEE contains sugar – unlike Tango Ice Blasts – which could be problematic for those with diabetes
Alan on Twitter wrote: “@cineworld massively disappointed today. Get to #ashton to watch #Dumbo fully looking forward to a nice SUGAR FREE #Tangoiceblast and you have this new one in.
“Any clue what the sugar content is as no one knew which doesn’t help my wife who’s diabetic!!”
A Cineworld spokesperson told The Sun that it was “a shame” that some customers are “disappointed” with the decision to introduce ICEE, but that it has received “a lot of positive feedback”.
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They said: “We provide a wide range of drink options and customers are also welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic drinks to the cinema.”
Tesco is running a deal that sees cinema tickets cost under £2.50 each – all you need to do is buy a bag of sweets.
Facebook will now let you find movie times for your local cinema and buy tickets directly through the app.
Cineworld now sells sour watermelon flavoured Tango Ice Blast – but only while stocks last

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