Cinemas slammed for ‘fuelling obesity’ as kids consume a WEEK’s worth of sugar from a few snacks

Cinemas slammed for 'fuelling obesity' as kids consume a WEEK's worth of sugar from a few snacks

CHILDREN going to the movies could consume a whole week’s worth of sugar from a few snacks.
Cinema chains stand accused of fuelling child obesity and tooth decay by packing their food and drink ranges with “irresponsible” levels of sugar.
Odeon’s snacks come in the the highest calories and sugar intake
Odeon’s 44g Sweet Popcorn Kids Mix has almost 9g of sugar, while a 12oz Kids Mix Fanta Orange has almost 36g.
A 100g pick and mix of Fizzy Beetles adds 72g and a Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Cake ice cream has 32g.
That adds up to 146g of sugar, but the NHS says kids aged four to six should have up to 133g a week. Seven to tens should have 168g.
At Vue cinemas, a Kids Coca-Cola has more than 23g of sugar, a 46oz sweet popcorn has 11g and a 50g candy floss is almost all sugar.
Similar examples are available from Cineworld and Empire.
The Sun
Paul Evans, of the British Obesity Society, labelled the figures a “disgrace”.
He added: “Cinemas are giving families no choice but to feed children with foods that are too high in both ­calories and sugar.
“The only food and drinks available not considered junk is water.”
Katharine Jenner, from Action on Sugar, said the lack of choice put children “at risk of obesity, Type 2 diabetes and tooth decay”.
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And Dr Linda Greenwall, of Dental Wellness Trust, added: “These findings are truly shocking. These chains should stop putting profits before the health of our children.”
A UK Cinema Association spokesman said popcorn, snacks and soft drinks were a “one-off and occasional treat” and there were always low or no-calorie drink options.
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