Chuka Umunna has called in police over threats from angry Corbynistas after leaving Labour

Chuka Umunna has called in police over threats from angry Corbynistas after leaving Labour

CHUKA Umunna has called in police over threats from Corbynistas angry over his decision to quit the Labour party.
He revealed that at least one person was arrested in the explosion of anger and intimidation after he set up a new independent group of MPs.
Alamy Live News Chuka Umunna is setting up a new party after leaving Labour
Getty – Contributor Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left leadership is under intense criticism from Labour MPs who are furious over his Brexit stance
Mr Umunna, favourite to be leader of the 11-strong fledgling party, blamed Jeremy Corbyn for the culture of bullying that has gripped Labour.
But he also took a swipe at senior members who have “acted like bystanders”.
The Streatham MP said: “Going to meetings, I’ve been heckled and shouted at.
“I have received threats from supporters of the leader where I had to call in the police and someone was arrested.
“Ultimately you don’t join a party to be fighting year after year people within it.
“At times, it’s been extremely unsettling, and you do question why am I doing this? You know, this is not normal. The extraordinary has become ordinary.”
Mr Umunna, 40, told Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “I blame JC. But, I’m sorry, I do blame other people who have acted like bystanders.
“It is disgraceful that the shadow cabinet has not done more, has not been more vocal, has not threatened to resign over what has been going on over anti-Semitisim – and the problem is it’s too easy to choose an easy life because there is a rule by fear.”
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He said it is clear that the Labour party has become “institutionally racist”.
Asked about Mr Corbyn’s position, he added: “I don’t know whether he is personally anti-Semitic. His actions would seem to suggest he has got questions to answer on that front.“You either put your head in the sand or you do something about it and the failure to do something about it, for me, it made my position untenable.”
Chuka Umunna says he’ll set up new political party by the end of the year after Labour exit


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