Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Celebrate Their Son’s 9-Month Milestones In The Best Way

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Celebrate Their Son's 9-Month Milestones In The Best Way

Chrissy Teigen has continued her tradition of providing all the parenting lols with her latest Instagram post showing the milestones her son (and husband) have achieved.The mum-of-two posted a snap of 9-month-old Miles sitting next to a blackboard marking his achievements so far: he has two teeth, he’s 15 pounds, he loves his sister Luna and bath toys, and he doesn’t like quinoa.“Nine months of this perfect,” Teigen sweetly captioned the shot. (It gets better.)[Read More: 12 tweets that prove Chrissy Teigen is the most relatable celebrity mum]Never one to miss the chance for a brilliant joke, Teigen followed the snap with a photo of her husband, John, posed next to the same blackboard with his own “milestones” on it.Teigen often gets told how much her son looks like her husband (you don’t say), so she cheekily captioned the shot: “Wow they grow up so fast.”Legend’s milestones showed he loves his family, peanut butter and music. He doesn’t like bad grammar and beetroot. He has 30 teeth, weighs 184 pounds and is 482 months old.That family has far too much fun. Parenting goals. 


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