Chimp uses smartphone to scroll through INSTAGRAM in amazing video

Chimp uses smartphone to scroll through INSTAGRAM in amazing video

FOOTAGE of a cute chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram on a smartphone is taking over the internet.
The primate can be seen browsing an Instagram feed and clicking on pictures of interest in the video – but famous anthropologist Jane Goodall is not happy about it.
Instagram Some ape experts want people to boycott the video as they think it could encourage people to keep chimpanzees as pets
The video has been posted on the Instagram account of animal rights and environment activist Mike Holston, although the original source has not yet been confirmed and some claim it was recorded at controversial US wildlife attraction Myrtle Beach Safari.
Holston’s video has over 1.5million views so far and lots of users have been posting comments about how amazed they are.
One user wrote: “It amazes me that he knows how to use the phone. Next step teach em how to talk.”
Part of Holston’s caption on the video reads: “Every night I go to bed thinking how I can help change the world and inspire people to love our beautiful wildlife and ecosystems!”
Instagram The chimp can be seen actively choosing the pictures that it wants to look at
However, some experts are claiming that this video could actually have a negative impact on wildlife conservation and have warned against sharing or even liking the footage.
Primatologist Adriana Lowe told Motherboard: “Sorry to be a killjoy, but this isn’t something anyone who cares about chimps should be happy to see.
“The animal does look like it’s in a domestic home, so it’s probably a pet, which is a really really bad idea. Chimps make dreadful pets—they’re intelligent social animals whose needs are difficult to meet, even in a setting like a good quality sanctuary.”
Well known primate expert Jane Goodall has also commented disapprovingly on this video in a statement, posted to the Jane Goodall Institute blog.
The famous anthropologist said: “I am very disappointed to see the inappropriate portrayal of a juvenile chimpanzee in this video which is currently circulating on social media… As responsible and compassionate individuals, I hope anyone who sees the video will not like, share or comment on it and all responsible media outlets change the coverage of the video to highlight stories of chimpanzees in wild or responsible captive care.”
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