Cheshire Police guilty of discrimination for rejecting star recruit because he was white, heterosexual and male

Cheshire Police guilty of discrimination for rejecting star recruit because he was white, heterosexual and male

A POLICE force that turned down a potential star recruit because he is white and heterosexual has been found guilty of discrimination.
Matthew Furlong, 25, had been hoping to follow in the footsteps of his dad, who is a detective inspector for Cheshire Police. He was told   at his interview he “could not have done any more” and “it was refreshing to meet someone so well prepared”.
Getty – Contributor A potential police recruit was turned down for being white, heterosexual and male
But Matthew — who studied particle physics and cosmology at Lancaster University — lost out to others, leading his dad to lodge a complaint.
An  employment tribunal in Liverpool has now found   that the force discriminated against him in 2017 on the grounds of sexual orientation, race and sex.
The  panel ruled  the cops’ claim  that they had seen 127 candidates who were equally suitable for the role of  constable was a “fallacy”.
Compensation will be awarded later this year.
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Afterwards, Matthew’s  lawyer Jennifer Ainscough said  it was  the first  case of “positive” discrimination to be heard in the UK. She added: “He was denied his dream job simply because he was a white, heterosexual male. Had he not been such an exceptional candidate he may not even have suspected anything was wrong.”
A spokesman for Cheshire Police  said:  “We  will review the findings over the coming days.”
In 2015 the force was among several criticised for having no black cops.
Since then it has won national awards for its efforts to recruit from diverse backgrounds.
Alamy The Cheshire Police Force has been found guilty of discrimination against hopeful Matthew Furlong
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