Cheapest Easter eggs 2019 – From Tesco to Asda with prices starting from 99p

Cheapest Easter eggs 2019 - From Tesco to Asda with prices starting from 99p

WITH Easter only a few weeks away you’re probably thinking about stocking up on your chocolate eggs but there’s no doubt that the holidays can put a dent in your wallet.
That’s why we’ve taken a closer look at the price of Easter eggs at the Big Four supermarkets, as well as Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose, B&M, Iceland and Poundland to find you the cheapest branded and unbranded choccies.

Smaller eggs cost around £1 a pop but we’ve compared the costs of medium size ones which usually weigh around 125g and come with a bag of sweets too.
It looks like the chocolatey gifts are more egg-spensive than they were last year, where prices started at 65p for an egg compared to 99p this year.
Supermarket own-brand ranges are also smaller, and while normally own brand products cost less than branded goods, that’s not the case with Easter eggs.
Many of the supermarkets are also running deals multiple-buy deals but we’ve taken a closer look and found that they’re not as good as they’re cracked up (get it?) to be.
We’ve compared like for like where we could and the prices are correct at the time of publishing. Here are the cheapest Easter eggs on the high street this year:
Cheapest supermarket own brand Easter egg
Sainsbury’s own brand Easter egg is the cheapest per 100g
The next cheapest option is Aldi’s Curious Inventions which costs £1.50 per 100g
Last year, there was a huge range of supermarket own brand Easter eggs on shelves as supermarkets battled it out to hold the crown for the cheapest, but this time there are only a handful at each store.
Because there isn’t a standard size of supermarket Easter eggs, we compared prices per 100g to find out where you can get more bang for your buck.
Even though the cheapest egg we could find was a Free From White Chocolate one from Morrisons which cost £2.50, the cheapest was actually Sainsbury’s Pick ‘n’ Mix Belgian milk chocolate one.
Although it feels like it’s more expensive at the checkout, you get more chocolate because 100g costs £1.43 compared to £2.17 for the one from Morrisons.
The most expensive Easter gift was the hand decorated caramel fudge chocolate egg which cost £3.69 per 100g from Waitrose – almost three times as much as the ones from Sainsbury’s.
Cheapest Cadbury Easter Egg
Asda is selling medium size Cadbury’s Easter eggs for £1 each
Asda is selling the eggs for the cheapest by up to 50p each
Most supermarkets sell the same chocolate bar themed eggs, such as Dairy Milk Buttons, Freddo and Creme Egg, and often each version in the range costs the same – but prices vary from store to store.
The eggs weigh between 128g and 132g and come with a chocolate bar.
Asda is selling Cadbury eggs the cheapest at £1 for a medium size one – 50p less than what Tesco is selling them for.
But Morrisons can match Asda’s price tag if you’re buying more than one because it has a two for £2 offer on until April 21, making each egg £1 down from £1.50.
Cheapest Nestle Easter Egg
Aldi is stocking three medium sized Nestle eggs for 99p each this year
B&M is actually selling the eggs for the highest price
If KitKat, Smarties or Rolos are more to your taste then you’re shopping for a Nestle Easter egg, which you can find at all of the stores including Aldi who is stocking three different types this year as part of its Specialbuy range.
Like the Cadbury eggs, each one weighs around 130g and comes with a chocolate bar or pack of sweets.
Aldi is selling Maltesers, Smarties and Rolo eggs for 99p each making them the cheapest place to get your hands on the egg-cellent deal.
Asda and Poundland aren’t far off, with a medium version of the gifts priced at £1 each, although the supermarket is your best bet if you’re looking for more choice.
Morrisons can also match the price if you’re buying more than one egg as they’re on offer for two for £2 making each egg £1, down from £1.50.
If it’s value for money you’re after then shoppers should probably avoid Waitrose and Tesco where the same ones costs 50p more, although the latter has currently run out of stock online.
Cheapest Thornton Easter Egg
The Gruffalo is featuring on a Thornton’s Easter egg this year
Asda is selling Thornton’s Easter eggs for half the price that Tesco is
In need of posh chocolates? Look not further because Asda is selling Thornton’s Easter eggs for £2, which is half the price that Tesco is selling them for.
In fact, it’s even 49p cheaper than B&M is selling them for.
The multiple buy offers aren’t great either because even though it reduces the price of each egg, they’re still more expensive than the offer at Asda.
Morrison’s three for £10 offer shaves 66p off the cost of one egg but it’s still £1.34 more expensive than the Asda deal, while each egg is still 50p more expensive in  Tesco’s two for £5 offer.
Cheapest Lindt Easter Egg
The Lindt Easter eggs were the most expensive ones we looked at
The best price we could find for these eggs is £5 which is £1 cheaper than anywhere else
The Lindt Gold Bunny Easter egg is by far the most expensive one we looked at for this round-up.
The luxury egg weighs 125g and comes with three miniature gold bunnies.
Even though it’s stocked at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, Sainsbury’s sells is £1 cheaper than anywhere else making it £5 instead of £6.
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Holland and Barrett have launched a vegan Easter egg range this year with prices starting at £2.99.
Meanwhile, one bakery is selling Easter eggs inspired by The Greatest Showman but they’ll set you back £17 EACH.
Asda is selling a MARMITE flavoured chocolate egg this year and it’s divided the country.
Cadbury has recently come under fire for shrinking the size of its Easter eggs without slashing the price to match.
From choccie bunnies to eggs of all sizes – check out Cadbury’s 2019 Easter Egg range

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