Cheap Nintendo Switch alert – save £70 with great £299.99 family bundle from Game

Cheap Nintendo Switch alert - save £70 with great £299.99 family bundle from Game

IF you don’t have a Nintendo Switch  yet, now could be the time to grab one.
Game are offering a bundle that comes with Yoshi’s Crafted World, Lego Movie 2 and an accessory kit for £299, saving you about £70.
Nintendo Now’s a great time to grab a Nintendo Switch
As we said in our review, Yoshi’s Crafted World manages to be utterly adorable without being twee, accessible while still being challenging and, most importantly, a lot of fun.The drop-in co-op really does make it a perfect family game, with plenty to keep everyone entertained for hours.

Nintendo Switch Family Bundle £299.99 (save £67.97) from Game – buy it now

Lego Movie 2 is also great, especially for fans of the Lego Movie franchise.
It follows the plot of the movie, with all the charm you’d expect and gameplay to match the other great Lego-themed games out there.
NINTENDO The adorable hand-crafted feel of Yoshi’s Crafted World is one of its many charms
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The bundle also includes an accessory kit, and for once this is a good thing.
Usually thrown in by stores to bump up the perceived value but offering little of use, for the Switch it’s a different story.
If you want to actually use it on the go, then the EVA shell carry case is a must-have because you really don’t want an uncovered Switch rattling around in your bag.
The joy-con covers are also useful for the switch on the go, making the whole thing that much easier to hang onto when out and about.
Given that the Nintendo Switch 2 seems very far away and Nintendo has shot down rumours of an E3 announcement for a new Switch it’s a great time to take the plunge.

Nintendo Switch Family Bundle £299.99 (save £67.97) from Game – buy it now

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