Champions League quarter-final draw is fixed claim fans after it’s ‘leaked’ online

Champions League quarter-final draw is fixed claim fans after it's 'leaked' online

TWITTER users have convinced themselves the Champions League quarter-final draw is fixed after an image was “leaked” online.
Conspiracy theorists claim a ‘Uefa director’ accidentally uploaded an image, showing a list of the four ties to social media, before swiftly deleting it.

The piece of paper in the image is entitled “Uefa Champions League Quarter Final Draw” and features the famous logo.
Underneath the four ties can be easily made out, including Manchester United vs Tottenham.
Hoards of social media users have suggested the entire draw is a fix, but it could of course just be a print-out of a trial run.
It could alternatively be a complete hoax altogether and a fabrication from an attention-starved Twitter user.
Is this the Champions League quarter-final draw?
Liverpool vs Ajax
Juventus vs Porto
Man Utd vs Spurs
Barcelona vs Man City

Regardless, the slip of paper shows the ties as: Liverpool vs Ajax, Juventus vs Porto, Man Utd vs Spurs and Barcelona vs Manchester City.
One Twitter user wrote: “UCL director posted this on social media by accident seconds before deleting.”
Another claimed: “Remember this post after the draw tomorrow.”
A third added: “Quarter finals draws leaked? Is it?”

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Here’s how Twitter reacted to the “leaked” image…


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