Caroline Flack is more Love Island’s head of HR than its host – The Sun

Caroline Flack is more Love Island’s head of HR than its host – The Sun

WITH as much sarcastic ­fanfare as Iain Stirling could get away with, Caroline Flack entered the Love Island villa, last week, with a very leading statement.
“Islanders,” she ­thundered, “I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m here.” As a matter of fact, yes.
7 Caroline Flack is more HR head than host on Love Island this seriesCredit: ITV
At best it seems like you’ve got a minor admin role. At worst, you’re Love Island’s head of Human Resources.
What the ITV2 show really needs you to be, though, is the one thing you’re very obviously not — a host.
Or just someone with enough wit and presence to draw attention away from the feeling I’ve had, ever since the 11th minute of the opening show, that this series of Love Island isn’t working.
That was the moment Lucie arrived at the villa with a list of her own pre- prepared catchphrases. The public, I’d imagine, hated the presumption, but it was hardly unique to her.
There’s an air of calculation and entitlement about most of this year’s contestants who, five series into its life, appear to have worked out what does and doesn’t play well with the public and are just killing time by the pool until they cash in on their performance afterwards.
This doesn’t do much for the spontaneity of Love Island or the catchphrases which seem to have been replaced by those insanely annoying verbal tics that make the rest of us want to throttle everyone under the age of 28.
Elma on Maura: “The bird has, like, ­literally lost her s**t.” Molly-Mae on Lucie: “I’ve, like, literally had her back in here.”
Joe to Lucie: “You’re, like, literally a ­unicorn.” She’s, like, literally not.
7 This year’s contestants, including Anna and Lucie, simply aren’t very niceCredit: Rex Features
I think I could live with the bombardment of likes and literallys, though, if it wasn’t for the overriding problem with this bunch, compared to previous series.
They’re not very nice.
In fact there’s a particularly ­indignant and gossipy bunch, centred round Anna, Amy, Molly-Mae and Amber and a couple of weaselly blokes (Michael and Jordan), who are prepared to do their dirty work, that have given it a really unpleasant atmosphere a lot of the time.
This has a knock-on effect, obviously.
7 Sadly it feels as if Love Island, presented by Caroline Flack, has finally lost its charmCredit: Instagram
For the first four years, Iain Stirling’s commentary was the show’s outstanding feature.
This series, it’s as manic as ever, but so flat and repetitive I’m starting to wonder if I imagined the previous triumphs.
This is by no means his fault. The deaths of two former contestants before the series began had already put it under huge scrutiny, and the spin-off seems to be that a small-yet-noisy chunk of the audience are now Love Island vigilantes who think it’s their duty to bombard Ofcom with complaints about anything, but mostly nothing.
A great shame, as I genuinely love this show, which is normally the funniest and most ­gloriously un-PC event of the year.
It still has its moments, of course. And if I had to pick only one, it would be Tommy claiming Molly-Mae “refreshifies me,” if you really ­pushified me.
The inescapable feeling, watching this series of Love Island, however, is that all the innocence and quite a lot of the charm has been lost forever, like, literally.
Love Island’s Caroline Flack heads BACK to Casa Amor for suspected mass dumping
Love Island name ­compound update
Joe and Lucie — Jucie.
Jordan and Anna — Jordanna.
Anton and Belle — Bellend.

Nothing to host about
FOLLOWING the main BBC News, from Glastonbury, and The One Show, from Glastonbury, there was a complete change of gear from the Beeb from 7.30pm on Friday.
Glastonbury, on every single BBC channel, with the usual cast of thousands playing presenter tag.
7 Stormzy headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, but did he have enough hits?Credit: The Mega Agency
So a gushing Clara Amfo threw to Mark Radcliffe and Jo Whiley, who threw to Jack Saunders, at the John Peel stage, who threw to James Ballardie, who threw back to Jo Whiley and some new bloke called Huw Stephens, who threw . . .
You get the point. There were busloads of them.
Yet, with the honourable exception of Mark Radcliffe, who’s a great broadcaster, the usual rules of presenting were suspended at Glastonbury.
None of them were presentable, for a start.
7 Mark Radcliffe and Jo Whiley were two of Glastonbury’s many, many hosts on the BBCCredit: Instagram
Genuine laughs were non-existent and nearly all critical faculties had been left at home, so they couldn’t even point out “1970s children’s TV presenter” wasn’t a good look for Tim Burgess, of The Charlatans, let alone hint that maybe Stormzy hadn’t had enough big hits to headline the Pyramid Stage.
You’d imagine, then, that they all brought a breadth of knowledge and inside information that would illuminate the valley like 250,000 cigarette lighters being flipped on for a final encore.
Jo Whiley: “Do you have any idea who might be coming out on stage with Stormzy?”
Huw Stephens: “I have no idea.”
But you’d imagine wrong.

MEANWHILE, on recent episodes of ­EastEnders, the emaciated remains of Louise Mitchell have been found inside a shipping ­container that washed up in the Crimea, Keanu’s died after being tied to a chair and shoved off a tall building by Sharon, and new love interest Adrian Edmonson reacted to being doused in water by battering Jean Slater ­repeatedly round the head with a ­rubber frying pan and jabbing a fork into her ­buttocks.
Not in broadcast episodes, obviously. Just the make-believe version I’ve got playing in my own head.

Great TV lies and delusions of the week
Glastonbury, Jo Whiley: “Stormzy seems like the nicest guy on Earth.”
Love Island, Molly-Mae: “I’m not a stereotypical social media girl.”
And Drag SOS: “The Family Fabulous are travelling the country to give Britain a much needed lift.”
Or yet another little needed ar*e-ache, depending on your point of view.

Trawling bottom of the barrel
JUST when you thought television had run out of jobs, holidays, pointless endeavours and ar*e-end-of-the-world places for Z-listers to visit, along comes this next game of Monkey Tennis.
Trawlermen: Celebs At Sea, with Shane Lynch, from Boyzone, chef Antony Worrall Thompson and former England rugby player Ben Cohen, who spent ten days bobbing around the North Atlantic and throwing their guts up for the benefit of Channel 5 viewers.
7 Channel 5’s latest Z-lister show is Trawlermen: Celebs At Sea, featuring Boyzone’s Shane Lynch
Before they reached that happy pass, though, the three of them were warned, in no uncertain terms, that one unlucky trawlerman had recently “lost his testicles after getting them tangled”.
Something which, you’d think, wouldn’t hold any new horror for Ben Cohen after having to tell his wife Abby what he’d been up to with the Russian dancer from Strictly.
Two days into their adventure, however, he was confronted by something just as terrifying, which had his voice trailing off, down in the gutting room.
“I remember this monkfish coming towards me with its mouth open and teeth everywhere.
“And it was a big mouth as well and I just thought . . .”
Kristina? What the hell are you doing here?Random TV irritations

Actor and Good Morning Britain guest Elijah Rowen wearing sunglasses on top of his head.
The BBC imagining it needs to soundtrack every spare second of the Women’s World Cup.
Scientist Joanna Harper telling Martina Navratilova’s Trans Women Athlete ­Dispute “performances ­suffer” when you grow breasts, despite golfer Colin ­Montgomerie topping the ­European Order of Merit seven years in a row.
And TV junk generator Daisy “Jamie’s Kitchen” Goodwin claiming Dad’s Army should be banned for causing Brexit, when a far more likely reason was that Leavers had just had a ­gutful of being told what to think by middle-class, left-of-centre control freaks, who can’t ­tolerate any opinion other than their own, like Daisy Goodwin.

TV Gold

Netflix drama When They See Us.
The phrase “greatest breakfast show ever” really not doing justice to the entertainment offered by carb-faced tubalump Piers and the GMB gang.
And Lauren Laverne offering me some light at the end of a very long Glastonbury tunnel: “The last time Tame Impala were here, front man Kevin Parker experienced a 36-hour memory blackout.” Lucky sod.

7 THIS week’s winner is Maura off Love Island and Janet from Norm Of The North. Emailed in by Bailey J
Picture research: Marta Breese.Quiz show dough-balls of the week
The Chase, Bradley Walsh: “Who’s the only one of the Queen’s children not to have a daughter?”
Vivienne: “Prince Philip.”
Bradley Walsh: “What nickname for golfer Frank Urban Zoeller is derived from his initials?”
Richard: “Tiger.”
Tipping Point, Ben Shephard: “Which item of swimming gear is named from an atoll in the Pacific Ocean?”
Andy: “Speedo.”
And Bradley Walsh: “The Attenborosaurus dinosaur is named in honour of which TV naturalist?”
Hannah: “Pass.”
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Great Women’s World Cup insights
Casey Stoney: “Crucially it means Nigeria have only had 24 hours to prepare. But that won’t make any difference.”
Alex Scott: “Japan have to remain positive. Are there more goals in this game for them? Probably not.”
Casey Stoney: “The one thing Nigeria have got is pace and physicality.”(Compiled by Graham Wray).
England celebrate Women’s World Cup quarter final win over Norway


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