Can you buy a Forky toy from Toy Story 4 and if so where?

Can you buy a Forky toy from Toy Story 4 and if so where?

Forky toys galoreForky, played by Tony Hale, has been described as one of the highlights of the recently released Toy Story 4.
For those who haven’t seen Toy Story 4 yet, Forky is a spork with pipe-cleaner arms and googly eyes who spends a decent proportion of the movie having an identity crisis as a result of his newfound condition as a toy.
As a sure-fire scene-stealer, there’s little doubt that real Forky toys are going to swiftly be in high demand…
Can you buy a Forky toy from Toy Story 4?
Yes, no-doubt to the relief to parents and Disney fans everywhere, you can buy a Forky toy.
In fact there are a few variations of the toy out there.
Argos are currently selling a talking Forky toy, which comes complete with moving facial expressions, for £14.00.

This version of Forky talksA similar toy, which has movable arms – although there’s no mention on the website of facial features that move – is also currently being offered by Disney for the same price.

Pop! are doing a collectible version of ForkyJohn Lewis are offering a Forky toy for £12.99 which rocks back and forth and waves his arms, and for the same price, you can also get a collectible Funko Pop! figure of Forky from EMP.
If you’re after something a little more cuddly, then Moonpig currently have a plush Forky toy in stock for £17.00
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