Call the Cleaners team left retching by ‘world’s worst toilet’ which let raw sewage eat through a ceiling

Call the Cleaners team left retching by 'world's worst toilet' which let raw sewage eat through a ceiling

CALL the Cleaners experts were left retching after tackling a filthy toilet which was so neglected the waste rotted a hole in the floor.
The hit show continues on ITV tomorrow night and viewers will see a team of cleaners attempt to tidy a man’s home in South London.
The toilet in South London was completely blocked
The waste has rotted a hole in the bathroom floor
They faced a momentous challenge as 400 used disposable razors had been left on the bathroom floor and the walls were covered in grime.
Meanwhile, the overflowing toilet was left in such a bad state it had rotted a hole in the floor.
Steve, who leads the team, told first-timer Ashley: “I told you the toilet was yummy.”
Ashley was then forced to leave the room because of the smell and was almost sick out of a bedroom window.
She said: “Oh my gosh, not even this mask is helping me right now.
“I’ve got to get some fresh air, that is really bad – it’s minging.”
A single man in his 60s was living in the house until a week ago when relatives discovered the condition of the property.
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The team only has a few days to sanitise the property before it gets returned to the client.
Also on the show is mum and daughter Maxine and Jasmine who are tasked with clearing a home full of decades of arts and crafts clutter.
Call the Cleaners is on ITV1 at 7.30pm tomorrow night.
Steve and his team were tasked with cleaning the property
There were around 400 razors left on the floor in the bathroom
First-timer Ashley had to go to the window to get fresh air because the smell was ‘minging’

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