Caffe Nero now does coffee-infused bacon rolls

Caffe Nero now does coffee-infused bacon rolls

YOU can now eat your coffee at Caffe Nero as well as drink it – because the chain is launching coffee-infused bacon at every branch.
The new coffee-cured rashers will replace normal bacon on the menu, and will be in the chain’s bacon rolls, sandwiches, and paninis.
Caffe Nero Caffe Nero has replaced normal bacon with coffee-infused rashers
It’s the first time coffee-infused bacon will go on sale at a high street coffee shop.
It takes 20 hours to infuse the bacon with Caffe Nero’s own blend of coffee.
But even though it’s a lengthy process, prices are staying the same in good news for customers.
The coffee-cured bacon will be available at all 700 branches in the UK next Wednesday (April 17) – but The Sun was the first to try the new bacon early.
We’ve revealed our thoughts below.
Taste test: Caffe Nero’s coffee baconTHE Sun was one of the first to try the new coffee bacon.
The Money team tried Caffe Nero’s new Bacon Ciabatta Rolls, filled with the coffee-infused bacon.
Coffee-flavour bacon might not appeal to everyone but don’t worry – it doesn’t taste like coffee.
The coffee adds sweetness to the rashers, a bit like adding maple syrup as the Americans do.
It’s almost caramel like, and it’s perfect if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth.
The bacon was perfectly crispy inside, and wasn’t too fatty either.
I’m not the biggest fan of Caffe Nero’s food options but this bacon is a definite improvement.
The tough, chewy roll still needs work, though.
Replace it with soft white bread, and I’d be happy.

Caffe Nero The bacon is infused with Caffe Nero’s own blend of coffee for 20 hours
Caffe Nero There’s also a new cappuccino cake and a coffee flavour brownie on the menu
The bacon will be part of a new coffee-focused food menu, which also includes a new cappuccino cake and a coffee flavour brownie.
It will replace normal bacon in every item that contains the porky treat, including its BLT sandwich, bacon ciabatta roll and a new bacon, sausage and scrambled egg breakfast pot.
Prices start from £2 for the brownie and go up to £4.40 for a brie and coffee-infused bacon panini.
Hannah McKay, UK head of food at Caffè Nero said: “We’ve introduced some delicious new options to the menu, with the aim of putting our coffee craft into our food, to give it a premium appeal.”
She added: “Rather than overpowering the great taste of bacon, our cold brew infusion marries perfectly with every mouthful, starting with notes of soft caramel and finishing with the distinctive smoky flavour of warm coffee beans.
“It’s bacon, but not as you know it and we’re confident that when customers take their first bite, they’ll be back for more.”
Caffe Nero’s new coffee flavour food menuThe coffee chain is launching a new food menu focused on coffee flavours, including bacon infused with coffee:

Bacon Ciabatta Roll – £3.25
Brie and Bacon Panini – £4.40
Bacon, Sausage and Egg Ciabatta Roll – £3.65
Bacon, Sausage and Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pot – £3.75
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich – £3.35
Bacon and Chutney Flatbread – £4.25
Cappuccino Cake – £3.25
Chocolate and Caffè Nero Espresso Brownie – £2

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