Cadbury World launches Relaxed Sessions for visitors with autism

Cadbury World launches Relaxed Sessions for visitors with autism

The new sessions will take place throughout the year (Picture: Cadbury World)Cadbury World has launched Relaxed Sessions for visitors with autism or SEN (special educational needs).
The visitor attraction can become quite noisy when there is a high number of visitors, and the new sessions are offered as an alternative time to visit the park so that the experience isn’t too overwhelming.
The Relaxed Sessions will feature reduced sound, altered lighting and a subtle scent.
What’s more, less visitors will be allowed in to help make the environment less stressful.

The Relaxed Sessions will feature reduced sound and and altered lighting (Picture: Cadbury World)The tour is self-guided and will only be available to those booking these particular sessions.
To make it even more inclusive there will also be an SEN-friendly family show.
Parents who have heard about the new sessions are really excited for them.
One woman, Kristie Steadman, said it was ‘an amazing idea’, while Amiee Louise Williams said her son ‘really enjoyed’ his visit a few weeks back but had found it ‘a little overwhelming’ – so these new sessions are an excellent solution.
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‘We recognise that some of our guests need a more relaxed and calmer environment to be able to get the most out of their visit so we have created sessions which have been tailored specifically for them,’ said Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World.
‘Our aim is for Cadbury World to be as inclusive as possible and [we] are pleased to be able to offer these new sessions.
‘Our team are also trained to offer additional support to visitors on the day if required.’

2019 dates for the Relaxed Sessions

Sunday 23 June – 9:30am
Sunday 22 September – 9:30am
Sunday 13 October –  9:30am
Sunday 10 November – 3:40pm

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