Burger King takes on McDonald’s Happy Meals by launching ‘moody boxes’ that let customers choose how they feel

Burger King takes on McDonald's Happy Meals by launching 'moody boxes' that let customers choose how they feel

BURGER King has launched its own version of McDonald’s Happy Meals – except they’re not very cheerful – and they’re only in the US for now.
Poking fun at its fast food rival, Burger King’s moody boxes are being promoted with the slogan: “No one is happy all the time.”
Burger King Burger King has launched its own version of Happy Meals – except they’re not very cheerful
The moody boxes, are reportedly called “Real Meals” and you can pick from four: “Pissed,” “Blue”, “Salty,” “YAAAS” and “DGAF” – which stands for “don’t give a f***.”
They all contain a Whopper burger as well as fries and a drink.
Sadly though, they’re not available in the UK as they’re only being sold in the US for now.
We’ve asked Burger King if there are any plans to bring them to the UK and we will update this article if we hear back.
Burger King launches ​a meat free ​vegan Whopper​ and ‘nobody can tell the difference’
The chain has partnered with Mental Health America to launch them for Mental Health Awareness Month this May.
A spokesman told Fox Business: “With the pervasive nature of social media, there is so much pressure to appear happy and perfect.”
Back in the UK, Burger King has re-launched Whopper Wednesdays when you can get the famous burger for £1.99.
Meanwhile, Burger King now does a mini bacon king burger and it’s half the calories.
Meet Burger King’s beefiest patty and bun yet as the Black Angus burger is added to the menu.
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