Burger King is launching CHICKEN fries this week

Burger King is launching CHICKEN fries this week

FORGET chips, Burger King is launching CHICKEN fries in the UK.
The breaded chicken strips come in packs of six or nine, and they’re the perfect shape for dipping.
Burger King Burger King will start selling Chicken Fries from next week
The new treats are made with 100 per cent chicken breast and come in a light bread coating that’s seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices.
They’ll come in their own yellow box which has a cute chicken face on it.
We think the new meaty fries would go well with any of Burger King’s sauces, from barbecue and ketchup to mayonnaise and sweet chilli.
The fries are sadly not available at the UK’s 650 Burger King restaurants until next Monday, May 20, but there is a way you can try them today.
Burger King Burger King’s chicken fries will launch in restaurants next Monday
They’re exclusively available to order on JustEat for the next week – but you will have to pay more.
When they officially go on sale at Burger King restaurants, they will cost £2.99 for six, or £3.69 for nine – though prices will vary.

But on JustEat, you’ll have to pay £3.69 for six, or £4.39 for nine, plus a £2.50 delivery charge.
Burger King already has Chicken Strips and Chicken Nuggets on the menu but fear not, they’re not being removed to make way for the new fries.
Burger King launches ​a meat free ​vegan Whopper​ and ‘nobody can tell the difference’
Chicken Fries were first trialled at a small number of restaurants and are now being launched nationwide after positive feedback.
They will be on the menu permanently.
If you’re concerned about the calorie count, they’re not exactly the healthiest choice.
The six-piece Chicken Fries have 250 calories, and the nine-piece set have 358 calories.
But they are slightly lighter than potato fries as a regular portion of Burger King’s fries contains 280 calories, and a large has 400.
Burger King’s rivals, McDonald’s and KFC, don’t have chicken fries on their menus.
McDonald’s has Chicken Selects, which are more expensive than Burger King’s new treats.
Three Selects cost £3.58 and five cost £4.59 – but they are bigger than the new Chicken Fries at Burger King.
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Last week, we revealed how Burger King and KFC short change customers out of fries.
People can go crazy over fries – Aldi has had to restrict customers to two packets of its halloumi fries in some stores.
Meanwhile, KFC has launched a new burger with two layers of bacon and baconnaise sauce.

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