Burger King is giving away FREE Whoppers tomorrow

Burger King is giving away FREE Whoppers tomorrow

BURGER King is giving away free burgers tomorrow and all you need to do is download the app.
The fast-food chain has also decided to ditch all other menu options – and will only be serving Whoppers.
Burger King Burger King is giving away free Whoppers tomorrow
Burger King has dubbed the day Whopper Wednesday and has promised to refuse all other orders.
The chain’s trademark burger is made with a quarter pound beef patty, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, mayonnaise, pickle and sliced white onions all sandwiched between a sesame seed bun.
And if you don’t like all of the ingredients, you can ask for yours to be made without some of them.
Normally, a Whopper costs £4.19 on its own or you can upgrade to a regular meal, including a drink and fries, for £5.99.
Burger King tries to take on KFC with launch of new crispy chicken burger
To claim your free Whopper, you’ll need to download the Burger King app and register an account.
You’ll need to provide your email address, name, postcode and phone number before signing up.
You will also need to untick a permissions box if you don’t want to receive promotional emails from the chain.
Customers will then receive a voucher which they can claim by showing it at the counter at any participating stores.
Diners will have to claim the freebie on Wednesday or else they’ll miss out.
It will also be adding a free Whopper to every meal ordered through Deliveroo on Wednesday – and you don’t even have to sign up to the app.
Katie Evans, from Burger King UK, said: “Burger fans have no choice, but in a good way. Hope you understand. After all, Burger King is not called Home of The Cheeseburger!”
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Burger King has 500 branches in the UK today, compared to 1,700 McDonald’s stores, and some of them are franchised.
Burger King now does a mini Bacon King burger that comes with nuggets and fries for £5.
Last year, the chain angered customers who accused the chain of hiking prices due to sugar tax.
Here are 10 ways to save money at McDonald’s from ordering a Burger King-style Whopper to FREE extra toppings.

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