BT promises up to £80 a year if broadband speeds aren’t as promised

BT promises up to £80 a year if broadband speeds aren't as promised

BT customers can now get up to £80 a year if their broadband speed isn’t as fast as promised.
Under the scheme, households will be given a bespoke speed guarantee for their home based on the estimated capability of their line.
PA:Press Association BT customers will be able to get £20 a pop for low broadband speeds
If speeds drop below this, BT will have 30 days to resolve the issue and if it can’t, customers will be given £20 up to a maximum of four times a year.
This means you could bag £80 in total.
But the new “Stay Fast Guarantee” is only available to customers who joined BT or renew their contract from March 1.
The compensation also isn’t automatic – you’ll need to run your own speed test via the MyBT app or Troubleshooter and notify BT if it’s low.
Boost your broadband speedHERE are some top tips to boost your broadband speed from telecoms regulator Ofcom:

Carry out a speed test using Ofcom accredited price comparison sites, and Simplifydigital
Talk to your broadband provider if there are problems in the first instance
Update your web browser to the latest version
Keep your router as far away as possible from other electrical devices that emit wireless signals, such as cordless phones and baby monitors as these can effect signal
If you have an old router, consider upgrading it
Password protect your broadband – if neighbours are accessing your wifi it could be slowing your speeds down
Use an ethernet cable to connect your computer or laptop directly to the router rather than using wifi
Plug your router directly into your home’s main phone socket – extension leads can cause interference
Fit a broadband acclerator to boost speeds

It will then try to fix the problem remotely or it will send round an engineer.
If BT can’t boost your speeds in 30 days you’ll be told how to make a claim.
Compensation will be issued in the form of a pre-paid BT reward card, which can be spent almost anywhere in the same way as a debit or credit card.
The new guarantee comes on top of Ofcom rules introduced this March, which sees broadband customers able to cancel their contract penalty free if speeds drop below promised levels.
Again, you have to give your provider 30 days to resolve problems but if it can’t then you can cancel without charge – and this applies to landline and TV packages that were bundled in and bought at the same.
So a BT customer could technically complain to the telecoms provider and get £20 compensation for an unresolved speed problem and then cancel penalty free too.
Kelly Barlow, marketing director, BT: “With our new Stay Fast Guarantee, we don’t just guarantee customers’ broadband speeds, we constantly check and optimise them, so they’ll get reliable broadband speeds all day every day.”
BT already offers a speed guarantee for Ultrafast Fibre customers this also sees users paid £20 if speeds drop below 100Mbps for Ultrafast Fibre Plus or 150Mbps for Ultrafast Fibre Plus 2.
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Comparison website uSwitch found that the UK’s worst street for broadband speed was almost 2,000 times slower than the fastest.
Meanwhile, consumer group Which? found that three in four households are paying £173 over the odds for SLOWER broadband – and BT users are worst off.
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