Brothers ‘lured boy, 16, to woods for camping trip then raped and killed him’

Brothers 'lured boy, 16, to woods for camping trip then raped and killed him'

Two brothers lured a 16-year-old boy into the woods for a camping trip, where they raped him with a wooden stick before killing him, police say.
On Friday, Benito Marquez, 17, pleaded guilty to the brutal June 2018 rape and murder of Benjamin Eastman in Randle, Washington.
His brother, Johnathon Adamson, 21, was also expected to plead guilty Friday under a plea agreement, but he backed out at the last moment and will go to trial in August.

Benito Marquez, 17, pleaded guilty to four charges, including rape and murder, in court on Friday. (Picture : Q13 Fox)

Jonathon Adamson, 21, was also expected to plead guilty on Friday, but decided against it at the last moment. He is scheduled to go to trial in August (Picture: Q13 Fox)Marquez’s admission of guilt described the gruesome details of how he and his brother allegedly beat and raped Eastman with a stick after luring him into the woods on June 24 with the intention of killing him, KOMO News reported.
‘The reason the sexual act was done was to create greater suffering and humiliation for (Eastman). I knew the act would cause … much pain and suffering,’ Marquez said in his written plea statement.
Burlgars broke into house and battered elderly couple’s tiny dog to death‘The beating was cruel, and deliberately so.’
Kindra Adamson, the brothers’ mother, and Emma Brown, Adamson’s fiancee have both pleaded guilty to two counts of assisting a criminal. Police say they withheld information while authorities were investigating Eastman’s disappearance.
So far, neither brothers have spoke of a motive.

Benjamin Eastman, 16, found dead in a shallow grave on the brother’s relative’s property in Randle, Washington. (Picture: KOMO News)Eastman’s body was found in June 28 in a shallow grave on property owned by the brothers’ relatives the day after he had been reported missing.
The brothers reportedly beat Eastman for 20 to 45 minutes, where they kicked him more than 100 times, then struck him in the head with a rock, police say. A pathologist said that Eastman died of blunt-force trauma.
Girl, 7, ‘came school with hickeys after dad let men molest her for cash’Marquez’s lawyer, Shane O’Rourke, said that pleading guilty was the wise move by his client.
‘I think it’s definitely a case that it’s right to get it resolved. There’s no sense in going to a trial with that type of overwhelming evidence,’ O’Rourke said, noting that taking the case to trial would have a devastating emotional toll on the brothers’ and the victim’s family members, who would almost certainly be called to testify.
Under his plea deal, Marquez will be sentenced to approximately 34 years in prison. He will likely be able to petition for his release after 20 years because he was 16 at the time of the killing, said Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer. He has a sentencing review hearing scheduled for March 28.

Eastman’s father, BJ, expressed frustration that Marquez’s sentence was not longer when he spoke to KOMO News.
‘I don’t agree with it. (It’s a) slap in the face. It’s just not fair.’ said BJ Eastman.


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