Brits and others who flee their country to join Isis could face ‘Nuremberg-style’ trials if they are not allowed home

Brits and others who flee their country to join Isis could face 'Nuremberg-style' trials if they are not allowed home

ISIS foreign fighters could face a ‘Nuremberg trials’ style international tribunal if coalition countries – including the UK – continue to refuse to bring them home.
Britain – and other countries – are resisting repatriation calls because of the legal difficulties in prosecuting them on home soil.
AFP or licensors Foreign fighters who fled to join ISIS could face ‘Nuremberg’ trials
Abdulkarim Omar, head of the foreign affairs commission in the Kurdish led area of north-east Syria told The Telegraph: “If Europe and the coalition countries don’t want to take back their citizens then one alternative is the establishment of an internationally sponsored tribunal like Nuremberg.”
Omar also ruled out handing prisoners over to Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria – something that had concerned Western diplomats.The Home Office believes around 900 Brits went to join Isis in the region, and two-dozen are thought to be in Kurdish custody.
In Syria the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are reportedly holding as many as 800 foreign fighters, with 700 of their wives and 1,500 of their children.
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US President Donald Trump has threatened to release the fighters unless the UK and other European allies agree to accept them back and put them on trial.
The UK, which has taken the toughest stance, has refused repatriation calls, citing security concerns.
A government official involved in the discussions said Britain wanted the jihadists to face justice where they were captured.
Last week pregnant London-born ISIS bride Shamima Begum said she wanted to return to Britain to have her baby.But she gave birth to little Jarrah in a Syrian refugee camp – and even her mum now fears the child will grow up with her warped morality and join Isis.
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